Nettle – a forgotten plant with many properties

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Nettle – a forgotten plant with many properties
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Perfectly known and valued by our grandmothers, who diligently prepared teas, infusions or added it to many dishes. They knew very well that this precious plant has a wealth of numerous beneficial nutrients which support our health and beauty. What is it? Common nettle!

Nettle is associated with a plant that not once in our childhood burned us. Therefore, many of us avoid it. What’s more, when it appears in the garden we quickly try to get rid of it. And this is a big mistake! This inconspicuous plant contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals such as A, C and E and magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, silicon and calcium. Moreover, nettle supports immunity, and thanks to a huge dose of antioxidants it slows down the body’s aging processes.

Nettle supports digestion, so its benefits should benefit those who have problems with the digestive system. Thanks to the secretin content, the plant stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, liver and pancreas function, as well as improve intestinal peristalsis. Moreover, nettle is often used as a cure for gastroenteritis or gastrointestinal problems. It is also successfully recommended for use in liver diseases. In addition, nettle cleanses the body of toxins and bile deposits, and also lowers blood sugar levels.

The plant perfectly supports our beauty. Thanks to the richness of silica it perfectly nourishes hair bulbs, reduces their loss and strengthens hair. Moreover, it accelerates their growth, cures dandruff and normalizes the work of glands. Nettle also strengthens nails and nourishes the skin.

Last but not least, nettle prevents anemia, and at the same time supports us in the fight for a slimmer figure.

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