Slow fashion – what is it?

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Slow fashion – what is it?
Zero waste

Most of us have probably already come across the term “slow fashion”. What exactly is it about? It is a fashion for minimalism – but how to understand it?

Nowadays, more and more people are aware of how many products in the world go to waste. This concerns not only food, but also clothes. That is why a new trend has appeared – slow fashion.

Minimalism is in

Slow fashion is inspired by minimalism and rejects the constant pursuit of having the most fashionable clothes, which we will not wear in the next season. The lovers of this trend focus on quality and universality. Instead of several cheap clothes, they prefer one, better item that will serve them for several years. The point is to learn to shop wisely and with your head. In this way, individual items of clothing will complement and combine perfectly. In addition, it is very environmentally friendly. In slow fashion, the emphasis is on buying clothes with good composition and cleaning specs to make the clothes last longer

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