The “jamsu” method – the korean secret to a perfect complexion

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The “jamsu” method – the korean secret to a perfect complexion
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Everyone dreams of a flawless complexion and perfect and long-lasting makeup. On the Internet there are more and more ideas and advice on this subject. Unfortunately, not all of them work. The main leader among beauty tips is Asia, which surprises with its ideas. Recently a rather controversial Korean method for a perfectly flawless complexion called “jamsu” has become popular. How does it work?

What is the “jamsu” method?

For many years the whole world has admired the imperfection-free skin of Asian women, who are often astonished by their ideas of skin care. It is from Asia that all jade rollers, facial shaping tapes and many other beauty gadgets originated. Currently Asia is the main pioneer of new methods of face and body care. The phenomenon of the treatments is based on their extreme simplicity and great results

In this regard, a new Korean method for flawless skin appearance called “jamsu” has recently emerged. In free translation, “jamsu” means diving or immersion and in a nutshell, that is what this method is all about. When performing the treatment, you soak your face in cold water for about 30 seconds. The result? More durable makeup and extremely smooth and matte skin

How to use this method?

The “jamsu” method is very simple and the results it produces are surprising. The first step to take is to prepare a bowl with cold water and preferably a few ice cubes to make the water colder and the effect stronger.

Next, you need to do a full face make-up, skipping the eyes. With this method, you have to paint the eyes at the end, because otherwise the mascara and shadows will run off, which will spoil the whole effect

After applying concealer and foundation, you need to dust your face thoroughly with transparent powder. This step is extremely important and without it this treatment will fail. Alternatively, instead of transparent powder, you can use baby powder, which Korean women themselves recommend for this method. It is also important to pat the powder into the face as you would when baking, rather than sweeping it over the face

Afterwards, immerse your face in cold water for about 30 seconds – especially for oily and combination skin. For dry skin, the immersion time can be safely reduced to 10 seconds.

After the procedure, it is best to gently dry your face using a disposable paper towel. The last step is to finish your make-up and enjoy a perfect complexion and durability of your foundation.


The fashion of “jamsu” extremely popular in Asia is gaining many followers around the world. To assess the effectiveness of this method, it is best to test it yourself. Since it requires minimal investment and a little bit of free time, everyone should try it on their own

Users of this method are warned, however, that foundation on the face immediately after the procedure may appear strange or even misapplied. It is supposed to look flawless after it dries completely, so don’t be discouraged by first impressions

What is more, the most satisfied with the effects of “jams” should be the owners of oily skin, which often contributes to the so-called cake effect. The recommended treatment is to eliminate it and definitely prolong the ideal appearance of the skin. In addition, cold water shrinks the pores, making them less visible and the makeup more perfect

The “jams” technique seems very simple and yet effective. Unfortunately, it cannot guarantee the same results for everyone. Much depends on the condition of our skin, makeup and cosmetics themselves, which are often ill-suited to individual skin needs. However, due to the simplicity of this method, it is worth to try it and assess the effectiveness and effects on your own.

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