Chamomile oil – discover the way to a radiant complexion!

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Chamomile oil – discover the way to a radiant complexion!

Everyone dreams that their skin will always be healthy and radiant. Unfortunately, very often it is difficult to maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time. Due to current air pollution and lifestyle more and more people suffer from skin problems such as hyperpigmentation or completely dull and unhealthy looking skin. To the rescue of all those who want their complexion to look radiant, comes the underrated chamomile oil.

The skin care properties of chamomile?

Chamomile is a widely used plant, not only in the cosmetic industry, but also in medicine. The oil extracted from chamomile flowers is mainly used in cosmetics. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is used during sunburn and thermal burns. It accelerates wound healing, reduces the visibility of scars and effectively fights any discoloration that appears on the skin

Chamomile oil is also used when treating acne. It reduces the visibility of pores and helps clear them, making it effective in fighting unwanted blackheads.

It is also used as a popular hair oil because of its moisturizing properties. It is recommended for people with problematic, dry, tired, oily and dull skin.

What should I remember before using this cosmetic?

Cosmetics with chamomile are very popular, mainly due to its numerous properties, but all products containing this plant can also be highly allergenic. Before using cosmetics with chamomile, it is advisable to first test how our skin will react. The easiest way is to perform an allergy test. It consists in applying a cosmetic on a selected area of our skin and watching whether after its application no allergic changes occurred. Such a test should also be performed for other cosmetics, especially if we are prone to allergies. It is worth testing chamomile cosmetics on your own, as they are usually relatively cheap, but very effective.

3 ideas for homemade cosmetics with chamomile oil

Chamomile oil is a valuable product, and at the same time very cheap, and cosmetics with its composition enjoy a good reputation. With the help of chamomile oil, you can make a lot of cosmetics yourself for a minimal price, which we are sure to love. Here are 3 ideas for cosmetics with chamomile oil.


To prepare this cosmetic, you will need chamomile oil and 2 tablespoons of sugar or coffee, depending on your preference. Just mix these two ingredients thoroughly and gently massage your skin with them. You can use for this cosmetic both freshly ground coffee and coffee grounds after brewing. This use of grounds is popular with those who follow the zero waste rule.

Chamomile nourishing cream

To make a cream with chamomile, you will need chamomile oil and a moisturizing cream you bought earlier. The only thing to do is to add a few drops of oil to the cream and mix thoroughly. This cosmetic is perfect for people who have skin prone to any imperfections and want to get rid of unsightly discolorations.


Making a mask with chamomile oil is very simple. You just need to prepare the oil, oatmeal, a bit of water and honey, which should be dissolved for example in a water bath. The flakes, honey and a few drops of oil should be thoroughly mixed together and applied directly to a cleansed face for about 15-20 minutes. After this time, rinse the mask with lukewarm water. Such a mask is perfect especially for people with acne and problematic skin.

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