Homemade…makeup products? See which ones you can make yourself!

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Homemade…makeup products? See which ones you can make yourself!

Homemade cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular. They are healthier and completely natural. We suggest how to make them!

More and more women are choosing homemade cosmetics. Thanks to this they know their exact composition. In addition, homemade products are not only healthier, but also cheaper. In addition, their preparation is associated with great satisfaction. While self-made bath or skin care cosmetics are very popular, those for makeup are much less so. Women think that their preparation is complicated and the quality is not very good – nothing more wrong! Here are the best recipes!

Mineral foundation

Homemade mineral foundation? Absolutely! The cosmetic perfectly evens out the skin tone, making it look healthy and radiant. The product is very easy to make. It is necessary to prepare:

  • 2 tablespoons of zinc oxide,
  • if you have vascular skin, it is also worth adding a bit of green clay,
  • a pinch of turmeric

Pour zinc into a container, gradually add clay and turmeric. Stir thoroughly (you can use a jar, cap and shake vigorously). Such a base we keep in a dry place, tightly closed

Lip gloss and blush in one

Lovers of several cosmetics in one can make blush and lip gloss at the same time. You will need the following ingredients to prepare the formula:

  • one tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil,
  • a tablespoon of powdered cranberries,
  • half a teaspoon of beet powder,
  • a tablespoon of shea butter,
  • pinches of cinnamon

Put the coconut oil in a saucepan and heat it until it melts and is completely liquid. Then add to it cranberries, beet and cinnamon. Mix it all up thoroughly. Pass the resulting paste through the gauze (when it is still warm). Add shea butter and mix thoroughly. Set the mixture aside to cool down. At the end put it into a small jar or container and you are done. Such a lip gloss moisturizes your lips and optically enlarges them. When applied on cheekbones it gives the effect of delicate, natural blush.

Eyeliner in two ways

You can also make your own eyeliner. One of the methods is making a water based cosmetic. In this case you will need:

  • half a teaspoon of activated charcoal (available at any drugstore),
  • a few drops of distilled water

Crush the coal thoroughly and grind it to dust (it is best to use a mortar). Add a little water and mix thoroughly until you get a smooth paste. Put it into a jar and put in the fridge. Ready! Such a cosmetic is suitable for use for several weeks

You can make a shinier and more durable eyeliner if you use

  • 1/2 teaspoon of beeswax (it has to be grated),
  • 1/4 teaspoon activated charcoal,
  • half a teaspoon of coconut oil,
  • a few drops of distilled water.

Put the oil and wax in a saucepan and heat slightly to melt. Then add the ground activated charcoal. Stir until you get a smooth mass. Then, add water and stir. Eyeliner can be used for about 4 weeks


It is hard to imagine make-up without the use of mascara. This is one of the basic cosmetics, which can be found in every woman’s makeup bag. How to prepare it yourself? You will need:

  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil,
  • 1 teaspoon of beeswax,
  • 2.5-3 teaspoons of aloe vera gel,
  • half a teaspoon of activated charcoal

Put the wax and oil into a saucepan or pot and heat slightly until they are completely liquid. Stir, add aloe vera gel and then crushed to dust carbon. Stir vigorously to combine everything. Ready mixture put into a jar or an old (thoroughly washed) container after mascara

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