Discover the latest beauty hit with passion fruit oil

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Discover the latest beauty hit with passion fruit oil

Maracuja oil is winning the hearts of women all over the world. It often occupies a permanent place in the cosmetics of many of them. This is all thanks to its versatile application and wide range of beneficial effects on skin and hair. The oil deeply nourishes and brightens the complexion, so it is worth including it in everyday skin care. We suggest how to use it.

Valuable ingredients in passion fruit oil

Passion fruit seed oil contains many substances which have beneficial effects on skin, hair and nails. The extract contains, among others, bioflavonoids and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids. Combined with antioxidant carotenoids, the ingredients have an anti-wrinkle and overall rejuvenating effect. Maracuja oil is also rich in valuable elements such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium. We must not forget about the high concentration of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin E. Such a complex strengthens the elasticity of the skin, smoothens it and protects it from free radicals.

Various properties of passion fruit oil

It is a high quality product, which is worth having in your cosmetics. Thanks to the cold-pressing technique, it retains the maximum amount of nutrients. Experts recommend that you include it in your daily care. What is important, passion fruit oil can also be used by people with oily skin prone to the formation of imperfections

Contrary to popular belief, this type of product will not clog pores, but on the contrary – it will help effectively wash away the remains of makeup and properly cleanse the skin. This makes many people notice a significant improvement after a few weeks of treatment. Maracuja oil is quickly absorbed and does not leave an unpleasant greasy film on the skin. It is suitable for people with various skin and hair needs. It can be used both for the face and the whole body. It is worth buying this product in reputable drugstores.

How to use passion fruit oil?

Maracuja oil can be used as an intensively nourishing serum. When applied after a daily night cream, it will additionally firm and smooth the skin. The oil also has anti-aging properties. To enhance this effect, simply massage the face regularly. Unrefined passion fruit oil helps to even out skin tone. For this reason, it is perfect for people with unsightly discolorations caused by the remains of scars or acne

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Thanks to vitamin C and unsaturated fatty acids, the oil brightens the skin and reduces redness. By adding 1-2 drops to your foundation or fluid, you can further illuminate your makeup. It’s a smart way to keep your skin hydrated during the day too. Passion fruit seed oil also works well as a hair product. It strengthens and nourishes the ends. You can also use it in the form of a mask and the result will be soft, shiny and deeply nourished hair. Many people also use this oil for the body and for nail care. It has an anti-cellulite effect and helps to moisturize the epidermis, visibly smoothing its surface. The oil leaves the skin beautiful and radiant

Natural care supported by passion fruit oil

The basis of beautiful makeup should be well-groomed and healthy skin. Daily care with properly selected products can help to take care of the skin. For several years, more and more rely on organic cosmetics that naturally moisturize and nourish tired epidermis. Cosmetologists also emphasize the beneficial effect of oils on skin and hair. Maracuya fruit seed oil has a stronger effect than the popular argan oil. The cosmetic is especially recommended for people with couperose skin and acne problems. The oil gently exfoliates dead epidermis, enhancing epidermis regeneration. It regenerates and moisturizes the skin, soothing irritations at the same time. It can be combined with other oils, for example orange or lavender to extend its spectrum of action.

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