Herbal bath – discover its precious effects on the body

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Herbal bath – discover its precious effects on the body
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Baths quite often we associate with the best way to relax. And a lot of truth in it, because they have a beneficial effect not only on the body but also on the soul. After a hard day is usually the only opportunity to relieve stress and tension. Appropriate bath will soothe the senses and bring relief, relaxing the whole body. In this way, not only will you relax properly, but also nourish your body, which will result in a beautiful appearance.

Herbal bath – something for the body, something for the spirit

Nourishing the body is essential and it is worth betting on baths that will allow you to enjoy a beautiful and firm body. Herbal baths have recently become fashionable, offering a wealth of the best ingredients to care for the body and soothe the senses. For this reason, more and more relaxation centers in their offer all kinds of baths, which are very popular. Water has a positive effect on the mood, relaxes and thanks to the right composition of ingredients, it will be perfect as a care product

Herbs are a wealth of the best ingredients and vitamins, which are increasingly used in cosmetics and care, precisely because they can work miracles. The most common use of herbs is in hair care, skin care and nail care. It is a good idea to use herbs for hair care, skin care and nail care, but nowadays, as it was mentioned above, relaxation baths are also in their glory. The herbs that have the most beneficial effect on the firmness of the body are mainly – rosemary, sage or peppermint.

Ivy is known for its cellulite reducing properties. It perfectly cares for the smoothness of the skin, helps reduce fatty tissue or swelling. A mixture prepared from ivy, elderflowers and juniper berries will be good for all swellings. For dry and irritated skin, it is best to use linseed and fenugreek. You can successfully add oils to the herbal bath, which will further enhance the effects of herbs, and positively affect the skin and senses. They will have a positive impact on your mood and relieve stress. This is the power of natural ingredients, which will work in every situation.

How to prepare a herbal bath?

Preparing a proper herbal bath in the comfort of your own home requires a little knowledge of the principles in which we brew herbs. You can prepare such a bath according to your preferences, however, in order to see positive results, you should repeat it regularly, at least once a week. To 2-3 liters of boiling water, add about 3-5 tablespoons of herbal mixture and boil for 5 minutes. The ready decoction should be poured into the bath. As for an ordinary bath, remember that the temperature of the water in the tub should not be more than 38 degrees Celsius, and the bath itself should last no longer than 20 minutes.

For post-workout, muscle-relaxing baths, the water should be 36-40 degrees Celsius to help detoxify the body. The bath should not last longer than 10 minutes. A relaxing bath is between 26-35 degrees Celsius and should be taken for a maximum of 15 minutes. A hardening bath lasts only 3 minutes at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. It all depends, of course, on individual needs and preferences and the effects you want. Mixtures of herbs will allow you to keep your skin in great condition. They will positively affect circulation, firmness, smoothness and will help to get rid of imperfections. Besides, they will eliminate the feeling of roughness and dryness. This is a cure for all skin care problems.

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