How to create a capsule closet? Learn 5 surefire ways

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How to create a capsule closet? Learn 5 surefire ways
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Do you have a closet full of clothes, but you are still haunted by the thought that you have nothing to put on? Reorganize your closet, get rid of unnecessary clothes and make friends with the philosophy of minimalism. Reducing the number of clothes and choosing those that actually fit will be a huge help in organizing your collections and acquisitions.

The solution is to create a capsule closet, which, by using versatile cuts and styles, will allow you to quickly and easily choose an outfit for any occasion. Learn about the methods of selecting clothes and how to design a closet that will always make you look fashionable and stylish

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What is a capsule closet?

A capsule closet is the idea of a compact clos et, which contains only the essential items – they can be easily and quickly combined into ready-to-use outfits. Some believe that a compact closet should be a certain number of dozen or so elements, thanks to which we will no longer wonder what to put on ourselves. The huge advantages of creating a capsule closet is to organize our space. It is also a good time to start being a conscious consumer and give up fast fashion. A minimalist closet is a step that will allow you to live in an eco spirit, and not buy clothes on impulse. The phenomenon of a capsule closet is that the clothes attached to it work well together. How to create your compact closet? Just follow the tips described below

5 ways to create a capsule closet

  1. Reorganize your existing closet

Following the idea of minimalism and caring for the environment, try to make the most of the clothes you already have to create a capsule closet. You need to prepare yourself well for this. First of all, the change must start in your mind. Creating a minimalist closet is not another shopping opportunity, but rather a huge change in your shopping habits. To be able to have less clothes you need to bet on quality and timelessness. The first activity will be the review of the closet and objective assessment, which clothes are no longer needed, and which will be perfect as elements of the capsule closet. Fewer clothes does not mean that you should get rid of your favorite things and lose your individual style. Divide your clothing collection into categories

  • Clothes that you haven’t worn for a long time – you can give them away or sell them online. There will surely be people who will give them a new life
  • Clothesto put away – these will be pieces that you will not wear because of the season. In summer – jackets, coats and warm sweaters. In winter – summer dresses, shorts and swimsuits
  • Clothes that you love and wear often– this group will include clothes that you feel and look crazy in, and those whose quality and character are consistent with your sense of style
  1. Play your own personal stylist

There is no single proven recipe for a compact, useful and stylish closet. Our recommendation in this regard is not to stick to a strict framework, but to allow yourself to experiment and find your way to the ideal. The base must be the clothes you like to wear most often. Remember to choose clothes that are made of good, preferably natural materials. You may decide to buy more expensive shoes or a jacket if you are sure they will last longer. From the clothes you choose, try to create as many combinations and outfits as possible, which will work well in different circumstances. A great way to remember your outfits is to take photos of yourself in each combination. This simple trick makes the process of deciding what to wear and on which day easier. If you feel that you need to buy some clothes to complete your look, remember not to make your choice based on emotions. It is important for the clothes you buy to be a part of a whole and to match at least three other items that you already have in your closet

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  1. What colors should I choose?

When selecting sets that will form part of our closet, it is worth choosing colors that suit us best. You probably know your beauty type, and which colors make your face look radiant. You can always stick to a universal range of colors, which always look great together and can be used to create a crazy total look. This includes elegant black, bright white, timeless navy blue, sophisticated beige and all shades of brown

  1. Outfits, which always work perfectly

There are some styles that always work perfectly and these should find their place in your capsule closet. Clothes that have been on trend for years include a classic white shirt, a beige long trench, well-fitting jeans, a leather jacket, a little black dress and heavy boots. This list is long and everyone will find different classics that will provide a great base for styling

  1. Accessories to complete the look

Accessories should be ultra useful and reflect our lifestyle and main needs. It is not worth buying another handbag or several pairs of shoes every season. Instead, it’s worth having a few variants, which will work for work, on the way to the gym or just at a party. Just like when choosing clothes, also when choosing accessories, you should be guided by quality and timelessness. An equally important aspect is making sure that the belts, scarves and jewelry you choose match the clothes you have in your capsule closet.

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