What is a fruit bath? Find out how to prepare it!

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What is a fruit bath? Find out how to prepare it!
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Nowadays, there are more and more methods to maintain a beautiful and youthful appearance, so you can take care of your skin and its condition in many different ways. The most popular are body brushing, massages and nourishing fruit baths. The latter are particularly popular because they not only have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, but also help to relax, thus cleansing not only the body, but also the mind.

Properties of a fruit bath

Fruit bath is a very interesting way to take care of your body. It consists mainly in a long and relaxing bath among various fruits. The effect of such treatment depends mainly on the ingredients used for its preparation

If we care about softening, moisturizing and brightening the skin, we should throw into the bath tangerines. Thanks to the vitamins they contain, they are a great nutrient. The aforementioned tangerines, lemons and other citrus fruits are also able to lighten the skin color

Strawberries and their juice added to the bath reduce the appearance of pores, help fight acne and any blemishes and make the skin more elastic. Raspberry has a lot of vitamin A, which is responsible for the proper process of keratinization of the epidermis. It also regulates the production of sebum, has a positive effect on all acne changes and accelerates wound healing

Blackcurrant is a perfect ingredient especially for those who want to enjoy young look of the skin for a long time because it delays the aging process. It also has a tightening and firming effect, so it is a great addition to baths, especially for mature people

In addition, fruit baths do not only benefit from the rich properties of fruit, but also a way to relax. Undoubtedly, such a bath in the winter will help bring back memories of vacations, and in the summer it will give a boost of energy.

How to prepare a fruit bath

Preparing a fruit bath is extremely simple. Just get your favorite fruit and pour water into the bathtub. You can add the fruits whole, cut or just extract their juice, which you pour into the water

The method of using fruits depends mainly on their type, because citrus fruits are much easier to squeeze than e.g. strawberries, so if you decide to take a bath with typically holiday fruits, it is best to cut them before adding them in order to fully extract their nutritional properties. In the winter, when fruits are not as widely available, you can use frozen fruits. Frozen fruits can also be used in the summer if we dream of a cold relaxing bath, especially on hot days

Fruit bath can also be treated as a kind of ritual that will allow us to get rid of all the harmful factors such as stress. It is best to light a favorite candle in the bathroom and prepare a great book or magazine, which will allow us, at least for a moment, to get away from everyday duties and worries. Such a moment of oblivion is very important for maintaining the right balance in life, so it is worth trying it out on your own skin.

An alternative to fruit

If we do not have access to our favorite fruit or do not like their presence in our bathtub, but we would like to use their smell and properties, we can use the oils available on the market. However, it is worth remembering to choose only good quality products. Unfortunately, this may involve higher costs, but poor products will not bring the expected effects and often even their smell will not satisfy us. In addition to oils, you can also purchase the juice of your favorite fruit such as raspberries and add it directly to our bath. Such juices are available in many pharmacies and stores, which makes it easier to prepare a nourishing bath.

Fruit baths are a great salvation for those longing for vacations or needing a boost of positive energy. The enveloping scent of fruit is a great way to relax and soothe shattered nerves. If we care about the healthy appearance of the skin with minimal effort, then you should certainly try to prepare such a nourishing bath in your own tub.

Main photo: Shauna Camps from Pexels

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