No more misguided lipstick purchases! Pick the right shade for your type of beauty

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No more misguided lipstick purchases! Pick the right shade for your type of beauty

Buying the perfect lipstick is quite a challenge for women all over the world. There are so many colors and shades on sale that it can make your head spin. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect lipstick to enhance your natural beauty. Here is how to choose the right shade of lipstick for your skin and hair color!

The lipstick made for you!

Are you looking for the perfect lipstick to match your skin tone? In this case, a lot depends on your skin type. It depends on your hair color, your skin type, the shape of your lips and even your… age! All these factors and a careful analysis will allow you to find the perfect shade. So whether you’re looking for a lipstick for everyday wear or for a special event, follow our advice – after all, beautifully made-up lips can add so much charm to your look!

Choosing your lipstick to match your hair color

Let’s start with the basic factor that determines our beauty type. First of all, we focus on your hair. For blondes we recommend beige and brown shades, as well as pink and fuchsia, all in cool tones. Brunettes need more emphasis. Shades of raspberry, coral and bright pink are therefore reserved for them. Redheads look best in maroon and various shades of brown. What about black hair? Black-haired women look best with chocolate brown and warm pink tones, which enhance their unique beauty.

Choosing Lipstick for Your Lip Shape

Interestingly enough, the shape of your lips also determines which lipstick color suits you. Women who have narrow and small lips will have fewer choices than those with full lips. One rule of thumb is to avoid matte and dark shades for small lips, which will optically shrink them. Shiny, lighter colors work better.

Lipstick Selection and Type of Beauty

The type of beauty has a huge impact on choosing the right lipstick color. For simplicity, you can divide them into two: cool and warm. However, not everyone is aware which type they are.

The warm beauty type has a golden skin tone that is associated with warmth. They can include light brown and beige complexions, while a characteristic feature is greenish veins on the inside of the wrist. The cool beauty type, on the other hand, is characterized by a cold skin color with a grayish, blue or even pinkish tint. The veins on the other hand are blue or even purple.

Now that you know what type of beauty you are, let’s find out how to choose the perfect lipstick for it. So if you have a warm type you will look great in golden, sunny lipsticks such as oranges. And for women who have a cool beauty type, lipsticks and lip glosses that have more blue pigment are perfect.

Choosing a lipstick for your age

We already know how to match lipstick color to hair, beauty type and even lip shape, so all that’s left is age. It is also worth paying attention to this factor. It is about the skin, and its firmness. So mature women look great in semi-matte or completely matte lipsticks, and younger girls look better in lipsticks with particles, which perfectly reflect the light. In terms of color, it’s a good idea to choose one based on your type of beauty and the occasion.

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