Regeneration of skin after summer. Learn about proven ways

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Regeneration of skin after summer. Learn about proven ways
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Summer is a time for the skin that is particularly drying. A lot of sun combined with heat affect its condition. We may suffer from acne, skin irregularities, discoloration. Some of them can be eliminated at home, but the more serious will require a visit to the dermatologist or beautician.

Skin condition after summer

Vacations are a time when many people complain of burning, tightness and dryness of the skin on the face. These are typical of skin that has been overexposed to sunlight and humidity. In addition, bathing in salt water and chlorinated environments.

These conditions affect the faster loss of water in individual layers of the skin, during hot weather our body loses 4 times more moisture than in moderate conditions. In addition, ultraviolet light, even with adequate protection, thickens the stratum corneum, which in turn leads to peeling and consequent discoloration. In addition, it affects the development of free radicals and the skin aging process.

What is the regeneration of the skin after summer?

Nowadays, we know how bad the heat and sun influence the skin. They cause dehydration of the skin and deepen wrinkles. Usually it is enough that we use regenerative cosmetics. However, there are cases in which this is not enough. One of them is hyperpigmentation and sun acne. In addition, if you notice moles that were not there before, as soon as possible go to a specialist.

What to use to regenerate your skin after vacation?

One of the best known and most effective preparations is a moisturizer. However, it is important that it has the right composition. A different moisturizer will work in the summer and another in the winter. It is good if it has an occlusive effect, i.e. reduces the loss of water, and also contains strong nutritional substances. Here is what you should look for in such preparations:

  • substances that keep the epidermis moist, such as vegetable fats, vegetable oils and mineral waxes and silicones;
  • substances that attract water molecules, especially glycerine and hyaluronic acid;
  • nutrients, such as linseed oil, hemp oil, sunflower oil, corn oil
  • urea, lactates or hyaluronic acid – which have a strong moisturizing effect

Treatments by a beautician which are worth performing

Regeneration of dehydrated skin should be performed in two ways. First, special cosmetics are used, and then various dermatological treatments are performed.

One of the most recommended treatments is the use of sea algae, for example in the form of a mask. However, if there are more serious skin changes, it is worth using the help of a beauty salon. We can choose from:

  • mesotherapy, which nourishes, heals and moisturizes the skin;
  • chemical peeling, which helps cleanse and regenerate the epidermis;
  • microdermabrasion, which helps even out skin tone.

The key to healthy and beautiful skin after the vacations is daily and post-summer skin care.

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