Makeup remover – why should you cleanse your face?

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Makeup remover – why should you cleanse your face?
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One of the most delicate and sensitive parts of the skin on our body is our face. The heavy makeup products we apply every day are a heavy burden on it, which is why daily makeup removal and skin cleansing are so important. Learn about the power of skincare to keep you looking young for years to come!

Washing makeup off at night is extremely important – leaving it on can cause a number of skin problems. At night, our skin rests. If we do not do the evening toilet and do not get rid of the layer of cosmetics from the face, the skin will not be able to breathe freely. And the next day it will not look very fresh

The negative effects of not removing makeup

A big part of facial skin care is properly cleansing it of dead skin, makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day. While focusing on skin care, make sure to remove makeup daily. It is especially important because most cosmetics consist of oily substances – their prolonged presence on the face leads to clogged pores. Non-breathable skin is prone to pimples, acne and blackheads. Dehydration can also negatively affect your skin tone and lead to discoloration. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly cleanse your face and use moisturizing products designed for your skin type before going to bed

The basic principles of facial skin cleansing

One of the biggest drawbacks of wearing makeup is that you have to find time to wash it off your face after an exhausting day – don’t skip this step in your daily skincare routine. Our skin needs cleansing and a rest from foundation, mascara and eye shadow. Washing your face with well-chosen products can save your complexion from many problems. It will definitely reduce the chances of premature aging of the skin and the occurrence of pimples and irritation. To take care of your face, add a regimen of cleansing and moisturizing to your daily rituals. Thanks to this you will be able to look beautiful the next day and gush with positive energy

Make-up removal step by step

  • The first step, which you can’t skip before you start removing makeup from your face, is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Our hands have the most germs on them, so you need to wash them properly so you don’t transfer bacteria to your face;
  • Then pour a small amount of makeup remover oil, micellar liquid or face gel on a cotton ball. Of course, some products can be applied directly to damp skin. Read the package insert and follow the manufacturer’s directions;
  • Wipe your face with a cotton pad or, in the case of cleansers applied directly to the skin, lather the product with your fingers. Avoid rubbing vigorously;
  • Repeat until cotton pad is free of makeup and impurities;
  • Take a clean, soft face cloth, rinse it with hot water and use it to wipe any remaining product from your face;
  • Finally, using a cotton ball, apply a toner to complete the cleansing, restore the skin’s pH balance and prepare it for moisturizing.

How to cleanse your face properly?

The skin requires special treatment, so always use products dedicated to its care. Removing makeup should not be irritating for your face, so do it gently and do not rub the cotton pad too hard. Remember to use products that are designed for makeup removal. Washing off cosmetics with a cleansing gel or soapy water can dry out your face and lead to irritation. If you choose waterproof mascara, your makeup remover needs to be oil-based to deal with the impurities. Make sure that your eye makeup products do not linger in the corners of your eyes. Let’s stress it again: washing your makeup off at night is crucial to the health and appearance of your facial skin

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