The most effective essential oils in the fight against cellulite

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The most effective essential oils in the fight against cellulite
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Cellulite is a nightmare and a reason for complexes of many women. How to get rid of it? It turns out that essential oils can be helpful – see which ones!

Sometimes it appears when we gain weight, and other times – out of the blue. The unsightly so-called orange peel, or cellulite, usually occurs on the thighs. It does not look good, and the fight against it certainly does not belong to the easiest. However, it is worth testing natural ways that can improve the condition of our skin. Essential oils are a great solution – you just need to know which ones to reach for

Macadamia oil helps to fight cellulite

If you want to get rid of cellulite, macadamia oil is a good massage oil. It is obtained from cold-pressing the nuts of the same name. It is rich in omega 3, 6 and 7 acids.

This makes it sensationally firm, smooth and elastic. Additionally, it moisturizes perfectly. Thanks to vitamins A and E contained in it, collagen fibers are strengthened and damaged epidermis is regenerated much faster. Macadamia oil is very popular with allergy sufferers as it does not irritate or cause allergy.

Coconut oil – a basic ingredient of many cosmetics

Coconut oil is one of the most popular. No wonder, it perfectly affects the condition of our hair and skin. It also works well in the kitchen. It turns out that it can also help in the fight against orange peel. It is cold-pressed from the fruit of the coconut palm.

In its composition there is vitamin E and fats: oleic and linoleic. Thanks to this oil nourishes, firms and moisturizes our skin and makes the connective tissue more elastic. It improves blood supply to the skin and regulates the lipid economy. Regularly used to massage e.g. thighs, cellulite may become only an unpleasant memory.

Almond oil – smells beautiful and improves microcirculation

In the fight against cellulite it is also worth reaching for almond oil. It contains a lot of vitamins, magnesium, mineral salts and proteins that improve microcirculation of the skin, moisturize it and smoothen it. Additionally, almond oil soothes possible redness and irritation. It is quickly absorbed and leaves a delicate, pleasant scent on the skin

Argan oil has a strong firming effect

Regular massage with argan oil and exercise will provide maximum firming and thus great chances to get rid of cellulite. The oil also improves microcirculation, tightens the skin and improves cell metabolism. So if the so-called orange peel appears on our body, it is worth rubbing argan oil into these areas regularly

Ivy oil – little known but very effective

Ivy oil is somewhat overlooked and forgotten – which is a pity, because it perfectly detoxifies and speeds up metabolism. The heparin contained in it provides strong firming and elasticity of the skin. Ivy oil is very well absorbed and drains tissues. It also improves blood circulation in the skin. It is worth reaching for it if we want to forget about cellulite.

Coffee oil

Coffee seed oil contains caffeine, and this sensationally stimulates fat burning and activates lymph outflow from tissues. The oil also helps to break down fat cells and has a strong firming effect.

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