Bamboo bioferment – learn about its use in skin care

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Bamboo bioferment – learn about its use in skin care

Bioferments are products resulting from the fermentation process. This is a biological and chemical process that involves processing ingredients to produce enzymes. Antioxidants and minerals are just some of the benefits of this procedure. Find out the beneficial properties of bamboo bioferment!

This plant has its huge share in the cosmetic industry. It is used in the manufacture of weapons, construction products or as decoration. From the shoots of bamboo are produced furniture. Its durability works well in reinforcing concrete in bridge construction or road building. Once popularly used in traditional Tibetan medicine and the science of body and spirit health in India

Obtaining bioferment from bamboo

It all starts with tissue breakdown, by breaking down the components of the central lamella through a maceration process. The bioferment in question is a great source of silicon. It is responsible for the synthesis of collagen, contributes to the quality of hair bulbs and hair follicles. It stimulates the bulbs to growth, improves their structure. Additionally, the element makes hair more elastic and gives it shine. Amino acids and flavonoids moisturize, regenerate, revitalize and show antioxidant activity. It also significantly slows down the aging process and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

The use of bioferment

Bioferment is a natural alternative to artificial silicones, which are often used in cosmetics. It smoothes the hair ends and gives them a healthy shine. It is a natural solution created for ecology lovers and for the environment. Bioferment is completely biodegradable and harmless to the environment. Made from bamboo, it is characterized by good solubility in water, which makes it an ideal addition to shampoos to wash hair, rinses to maintain color, regenerating conditioners and masks. The contained oil makes hair thicker and less prone to damage.

Successfully used in face creams, it is suitable for all skin types. It copes with imperfections and meets the requirements of even the most demanding consumer

In addition, it is an indispensable ingredient in products for split ends. Used as a serum it will improve the condition of dry hair and make it easier to comb. The bioferment has a silky texture, which makes it very easy to apply on the hair

Silicon found in the composition of bamboo is an element strengthening the condition of nails. It prevents splitting and breaking, supports their regeneration and effectively nourishes them.

It is a plant characterized by the fastest growth in the world. The high content of proteins and mineral compounds makes it a perfect ingredient for the production of cosmetics for the body, face, nails and hair.

The most important properties of bamboo bioferment

  • Source of antioxidants;
  • prevents skin aging;
  • protects against UVA and UVB rays;
  • firms and firms the skin;
  • effectively stimulates metabolism;
  • deals with imperfections of all skin types;
  • contributes to the reduction of cellulite;
  • has properties that protect the skin against bacteria;
  • a rich source of proteins and minerals;
  • prevents split ends;
  • gives shine to hair.
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