15 eco-care rules – start practicing right now!

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15 eco-care rules – start practicing right now!
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Ecological solutions are present in more and more areas of life – no wonder they also apply to our daily care. Living in harmony with nature is a great way to take care of yourself in a sustainable and conscious way. How to incorporate eco solutions into your rituals?

In many ways, eco-friendly skincare is the normal course of action after opting for conscious fashion, a plant-based diet, and waste separation. Here are some simple solutions to make grooming an enjoyable part of your day, rather than the starting point for a guilty conscience

15 tips to change your grooming routine to a greener one

  1. Go for minimalism

Be a woman aware of her needs. Do some research on what products you really need to make your face glow and your body properly moisturized. Before buying another jar of cream, read whether it will work for your skin type. Don’t buy cosmetics on the spur of the moment, use the ones you are happy with and read reviews before buying new ones

  1. Recycle your cosmetics

Start by cleaning up and taking stock. How many cosmetics standing in your bathroom have you stopped using long ago and are just collecting dust? If you know that a product hasn’t worked for you, try to find another use for it in your home before throwing it away. Unused gels and shampoos can be used as light cleansing detergents, while face creams can be used to lubricate your hands or feet

  1. Read the ingredients of cosmetics

Before buying a product, read its label carefully. Avoid cosmetics containing even small amounts of harmful substances and those that have palm oil in their composition – its extraction is far from ethical

  1. Opt for natural cosmetics

If you want to be sure that the product does not contain chemical and harmful ingredients, rather choose vegan natural cosmetics. The abundance of plants and their properties are so wonderful that they make the best and healthiest cosmetic suggestions

  1. Check the expiration dates of the products

Natural cosmetics usually do not have long expiration dates. Manufacturers recommend consuming creams or lotions within six months of opening. Cosmetics with very long expiration dates are usually loaded with preservatives and substances that prolong their freshness

  1. Prepare your own homemade cosmetics

Preparing your own cosmetics at home is very simple, inexpensive and will not take you long. Even basic products such as coconut oil, honey, oatmeal, brown sugar or lemon juice can be used to create great scrubs, masks and conditioners. It’s a great way to set up your home spa

  1. Avoid companies that test their products on animals

Cosmetics produced in the European Union are not tested on animals but, for example, those coming to our market from China are. Therefore, before buying carefully read the label and familiarize yourself with all the markings

  1. The best care is a healthy lifestyle

Even the highest quality cosmetics will not improve the appearance of our complexion, if we do not implement healthy habits. A well-balanced diet, physical activity and avoidance of stress are the keys to a beautiful appearance

  1. Get enough sleep

Regeneration and sleep are extremely important for health and immunity. A lot of people suffer from insomnia problems and sleep less than the recommended minimum of seven hours per night. There are several techniques to help combat sleep, for example, avoid using phones and computers two hours before bedtime

  1. Avoid exposure to sunlight

The effects of UV rays are very harmful to the skin. It is absolutely necessary to use sunscreen. In order to keep your skin looking beautiful and slow down the aging process, you should skip frequent sunbathing and opt for a shady spot on a sunbed.

  1. Reduce plastic in your bathroom

Lots of beauty and hygiene items are packaged or made of plastic. You can organize your makeup bag by choosing products made of wood or zinc. You can find plenty of cosmetics packaged in eco-friendly glass jars at “natural” drugstores

  1. Save water

Remember to turn off the tap when brushing your teeth – during a few minutes of scrubbing you can waste even 5 liters of water. It’s a very simple habit that will help you save water, which is becoming scarcer all the time

  1. Don’t succumb to advertising

Browsing social media, reading women’s press and watching ads often makes women unhappy with their appearance. Be an informed consumer and don’t fall for marketing tricks. Only shop at the drugstore if you really need a product

  1. Don’t be fooled by eco-friendly products

Many companies add a prefix to their products: “eco” to give them extra value, unfortunately, these are not always truly organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics. Check if a brand has a certificate, which confirms that it meets strict criteria

  1. Buy cosmetics from Polish brands

Supporting local small businesses is a very good decision. Smaller manufactures, soap factories and oil presses often have great products made in an ethical and ecological way. It might be harder to get the word out about them, because they don’t have the budget for flashy campaigns, but it’s worth looking for a while longer to find real gems

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