Cosmetics with calendula – what properties do they have?

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Cosmetics with calendula – what properties do they have?
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More and more people are starting to take care of their skin, not just their face but also their body. In all the popularity of taking care of one’s appearance, the concept of conscious care has emerged, which encourages the proper selection of cosmetics with good composition for the individual skin type and to take care of one’s skin regularly. One of the very popular ingredients among creams is calendula. Why is this plant so often used in cosmetics?

What properties does calendula have?

This amazing plant, which we can often find in gardens, has many health-promoting properties, making it extremely versatile and popular. Calendula is an orange flower that comes from the Asteraceae group of plants. It has been used in cosmetics and medicine for many years, thanks to which we know so many wonderful properties of this plant. Calendula has a soothing effect on all inflammations and bruises, so it is worth using if you have problems with joints. Cosmetics with this ingredient also facilitate healing, so many people use calendula creams and lotions on scars and stretch marks. In addition, calendula has a strong antioxidant effect, which makes it protective. It is also used in the treatment of acne or psoriasis. It helps fight blackheads and any imperfections appearing on the skin. It is especially recommended for people with sensitive and demanding skin type.

In which cosmetics can we find this ingredient?

Calendula is a plant rich in properties, therefore it can be found in many cosmetics. It is most often used in various types of face creams or oils as it shows strong antioxidant properties and has a positive effect on the condition of the skin

The nourishing effect of this plant also makes it used in the production of lotions, however, it is not the only reason why calendula is used in body skin care. This flower, and in fact its extract, has a positive effect on wound healing, helps remove scars and is able to reduce stretch marks. Since calendula has a soothing effect, it is also used to make intimate hygiene lotions

In addition to the products mentioned above, the ingredient can also be found intoothpastes, hair conditioners and shampoos, masks, lip balms and bath lotions. Thanks to such a large use of this ingredient it is worth at least once trying it out in a form tailored to our needs and expectations.

Who should use cosmetics with calendula?

Calendula cosmetics are perfect for people suffering from various skin diseases and those with sensitive skin type. Calendula has a soothing effect on all inflammations, which is why it can be used to treat changes occurring such as acne. It also has a moisturizing effect, thanks to which it can sufficiently nourish the skin requiring great regeneration, e.g. rough and damaged hand skin

It is also recommended for all problems with irritation of intimate areas, because it soothes and accelerates the healing process. It can be used in the form of an intimate hygiene fluid or an infusion

Unfortunately not everyone can afford to use calendula cosmetics, or cosmetics with this ingredient in their composition. First of all, people who are allergic to calendula or plants from the asteraceae group should not use this ingredient. If we do not know whether we do not have an allergy, it is worth performing an allergy test before applying a product with this ingredient

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