7 acne skin care mistakes

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7 acne skin care mistakes
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Acne skin requires special attention and properly selected skin care cosmetics. Unfortunately, many people with this skin type make numerous mistakes, causing the condition of the face to deteriorate, numerous redness and inflammation occur. How to properly take care of acne skin?

Acne skin is a real challenge. Many of us struggle with the problem of recurring blemishes and imperfections. That is why it is so important to find proper care methods, which will make you enjoy healthy and clear skin

The most common mistakes in acne skin care

  1. Avoiding the use of creams with UV filters

For people with acne-prone skin, protecting the facial skin from unfavorable external factors should be a priority. One of the biggest enemies of a beautiful complexion are the sun rays, which not only lead to the creation of discolorations but also exacerbate the problem of imperfections. Acne-prone skin should be especially protected against UV rays. It is necessary to use protective filters all year round, not only in the summer months

  1. Excessive skin dryness

A big mistake in caring for acne-prone skin is being overzealous and using too many products. You should carefully check the composition of cosmetics that are used for skin care. Acne-prone skin should not be washed with soap, strong detergents or products containing alcohol. This leads to dryness of the skin, which in order to rebuild its protective layer produces excessive amounts of sebum. As a result, the skin becomes oily and irritated again, which creates a vicious circle

  1. Using too many skin care products

Too much and too often skin care can do more harm to the skin than good. It is important to focus on the quality of cosmetics rather than their quantity. Minimalistic approach should be manifested mainly by well-chosen products, dedicated to acne skin. Using several cosmetics at the same time is not the best idea, because then it is not clear which of them improves the health and appearance of the skin

  1. Removing pimples by yourself

Squeezing out pimples by yourself is not a good idea. Although we think that the unsightly-looking pimple is gone, it actually leads to negative consequences – exacerbation of skin inflammation. Excessive forceful interference in the removal of imperfections can lead to scarring. Touching your face with dirty hands can lead to the problem spreading to other areas. A much better solution is to dry the resulting lesion locally.

  1. Using specialized tools to cleanse your face

Any type of facial cleansing brush is not recommended for people struggling with skin problems. Using such tools on acne-prone skin leads to the spread of purulent pimples all over the face, which makes the fight against imperfections even more difficult. It is worth resigning from mechanical scrubs and replacing them with enzymatic ones, which exfoliate dead epidermis in a more delicate way

  1. Not searching for the causes of acne

The key to effective fight against acne is to identify its cause. In many cases, this will be a hormonal disorder. Hormonal acne often appears after puberty as a result of excessive production of secretions by the sebaceous glands. Imperfections, blackheads and purulent pimples can then be seen on the facial skin. Other causes of acne skin may be stress, improper diet and ill-suited cosmetics. The first step to get rid of acne should be a visit to a specialist, i.e. dermatologist. The next one is to have the tests ordered by him

  1. Lack of proper skin toning

Using a toner in the process of daily skin care is a very important step that should not be skipped, regardless of your skin type. It helps to thoroughly cleanse the facial skin of impurities and numerous microorganisms. With proper toning, creams can get to the deeper parts of the skin.

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