How to take care of sensitive skin?

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How to take care of sensitive skin?

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If you have sensitive skin, you know exactly how challenging it can be to properly care for it. But it is not impossible! We tell you what to keep in mind when caring for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin

What is sensitive skin? This is a term most frequently used to describe skin prone to redness, erythema, various kinds of rashes as well as burning and itching. Not without reason it is characterized as a capricious skin. It reacts strongly to external factors such as air, high and low temperatures or use of inappropriate cosmetics. That is why it is so important for owners of sensitive skin to choose cosmetics and skin care treatments with a large dose of caution. We will tell you how to do this

How to choose cosmetics?

When choosing cosmetics suitable for sensitive skin, you should first of all make sure that they are gentle and do not irritate your skin. Moreover, if your skin reacts well to a given product, it is worth staying with it, whereas if it protests after the first use – you should immediately stop using it. When it comes to sensitive skin, the simple rule of “the less the better” works best, so opt for dermocosmetics or proven natural cosmetics, such as those available at


Let’s start with how to properly cleanse sensitive skin. After all, it is one of the most important, if not the most important, element of everyday skin care. It is worth choosing a delicate gel or foam for cleansing and a micellar solution. It is best if these cosmetics are exceptionally delicate and contain soothing and moisturizing ingredients, for example aloe vera, chamomile and rose. Pay special attention to aloe vera, which in addition to soothing properties also has regenerative properties and accelerates the healing of minor wounds.


Toning the skin is extremely important for all skin types – it is best done after every contact of the face with water. However, in order not to disturb sensitive skin, choose a toner in the form of a fine mist and, above all, without alcohol or acids


It is also important to use the right cream in sensitive skin care. In the case of day creams, it is necessary to use those with a UV filter, which will protect the skin from external factors. Additionally, make sure that the cream also has moisturizing and soothing properties. It is also worth choosing a product that will treat it as a base for color cosmetics such as foundation, concealer or bb cream

In the case of a night cream, pay special attention to the fact that one of its main functions should be regeneration and soothing of irritation. For sensitive skin, creams that help it rebuild itself and strengthen the protective barrier will also be great. It is also worth choosing a cream that moisturizes and also works anti-wrinkle.


Although it might seem that exfoliation is an element of skin care, which is better omitted in case of sensitive skin, it is not true. It is worth using scrubs, but the best and safest choice will be enzymatic ones. Using a mechanical scrub for this skin carries too much risk associated with irritation and damage. Enzymes, on the other hand, gently dissolve and remove dead skin. It is advisable to perform peeling once a week.

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