Discover 7 original ideas for using up old jeans

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Discover 7 original ideas for using up old jeans
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Jeans are a timeless fabric. Do you have old damaged or torn pants in your closet, and you see their place only in the trash? Wait! In the following article you will find proven ways to creatively use old jeans.

You can transform jeans into other original clothes, cut them up and use them as a piece of decoration or sew them into a practical vanity case. Denim works brilliantly in various circumstances. You are limited only by your imagination!

How to give second life to old jeans?

  1. Shorts

If you have in your closet old jeans, especially vintage, you can successfully cut off the legs and enjoy beautiful shorts for the summer. All you need is a pair of tailor’s scissors, soap to mark the cut line and a tailor’s tape measure. Even if we are bored with the look of our favorite long pants, we can come in them a few more seasons in their shorter version. Remember to choose a model with wider legs for shorts, tube pants are not suitable for this purpose. Search your mother’s or grandmother’s closet, jeans from the old days are great to transform them into a new outfit.

  1. Jacket patches

Have a favorite jacket but don’t know how to jazz it up to stand out from the crowd? Use pieces of old jeans to cut interesting shapes out of them, add appliques and sew everything onto the jacket. If you have a denim jacket, two colors of denim will be a great contrast to each other. If you have a sewing machine and a bit of sewing flair, a good idea is to cut off the sleeves and replace them with the fabric from your old pants. Additionally, you can sew some patches on them

  1. Skirt

You can make a mini skirt out of old pants by cutting the legs and joining them together. The skirt will not be perfectly smooth, so you can give it a rock chick look by ruffling the bottom, sewing on some thongs at the sides or shredding it with a razor blade. For this type of project, you will need wider pants so that the legs can be ripped to create a skirt

  1. Handbag

You can successfully sew an original shopping bag from cut up pieces of old jeans. Caring about the environment, you should always go to the store with your own net, so sewing a bag will be a practical solution. Just connect the pieces together to form a pocket, then add handles to it. For those who are more advanced in sewing, we suggest sewing a lining into the bag. Thanks to it, the bag will be stiffer and it will be easier to clean or shake it off after shopping

  1. Pillowcases

Do you have jeans in a beautiful light color? Then why not use them to make some practical pillowcases. You will need a sewing machine, a measuring tape and pins. From the cut pants it is worth to choose the largest pieces and prepare a pillowcase design from them on the floor. Then you need to sew a pocket from them on the machine, into which you will push the pillow. In addition, you can make holes and sew buttons or sew into the pillowcase zipper. Pillowcases can be decorated with patches or drawings of your own, using fabric paints

  1. Blanket, bedspread

Patchwork blankets are very fashionable and ecological, because they give second life to old materials. To make them, it is worth using several types of fabrics to create an interesting and colorful mosaic. It is enough to cut out identical squares from jeans and other fabrics, and then sew them together. A blanket prepared in this way can successfully serve as a cover for a bed or sofa

  1. Other home accessories

There are lots of different ways you can use your old jeans. Think about what you need for your room and before you buy a new item, you might find that you can easily make one yourself. Denim is a fabric that you can use to make kitchen aprons or gloves, a washbag, a wallet, an organizer or even a rug and pouffe. There are lots of ideas, so there’s nothing left to do but make them happen

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