6 rules for slow fashion shopping

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6 rules for slow fashion shopping
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Our knowledge and awareness of the fashion market is changing. We know more and more about the conditions under which the clothes you can buy in chain stores are made. As consumers, we want to choose ethical solutions, so the ideas promoting slow fashion and caring for the environment are closer to our hearts.

The changes don’t have to be spectacular, just a few minor adjustments in the way we choose new clothes to make our closet more environmentally friendly. It is a good moment to stop being a slave of possession and start making conscious purchase decisions

The ABCs of slow fashion

  1. Limit your purchases to essentials

Don’t buy new things in the heat of the moment or on the spur of the moment. Each purchase should be well thought out and analyzed. It is best to make a final decision after waiting for a few days. It is often the case that we do not like a given item so much after thinking about it. Do not go for promotions and discounts if you do not have a specific need. Accumulating unnecessary things only takes up space in your closet and space, and strains your savings

  1. Choose good quality products

When buying new clothes, always put quality first. Sometimes we will have to pay more for more quality products such as shoes, coats, bags or jewelry. However, in many cases it is an investment for years, because good quality items are slower to deteriorate and look good longer in our closet. When choosing new clothes, bet on natural fabrics in which the body breathes. Try to avoid things made of polyester. Many brands are now introducing product lines made from recycled materials, maybe this is a direction you should look into

  1. Less is more

Opt for minimalism and buy things that are timeless. There is a long list of clothes that are a great base to create a cool outfit. It depends on your needs and style which classics will find their way into your closet. If you work in an office, a white shirt and an elegant blazer will come in handy. If you like sporty style, it can be well-fitting leggings and properly matched sports shoes. Or maybe you are an artistic soul and express your character through patterned dresses and fancy hats? This is a very individual thing and everyone has different clothes that are essential for them

  1. Tidy up your closet

Reorganize your closet, sort out the clothes you don’t wear, put away the ones you don’t need at this time of year. Going through and analyzing what you have in your closet will allow you to easily resign from some of your purchases, because it may turn out that you already have 5 winter sweaters and buying another one will be unnecessary. An inventory will also allow you to notice what you don’t have. This can be a starting point to choose a better quality product this time or buy it from a Polish producer and not in a chain store

  1. Find your individual style

Understanding what cuts, colors and models we look best in, will help us avoid many bad shopping decisions. Do not buy clothes on the spur of the moment, i.e. those for which you want to lose weight or gain weight. Do not choose things in which you feel bad, but which are fashionable in a given season. Fashion is there to be played with, but you don’t have to have every trendy set in your closet. Opt for clothes that you actually like and that fit in with the rest of your closet

  1. Repair, not throw away

Don’t throw away things that can be repaired, sewn or made into other clothes. Use the services of tailors, shoemakers or leatherworkers. Often clothes that are worn out or just plain boring can be easily repaired into new items. For example, old jeans can be made into beautiful shorts for summer with a simple cut. A jacket or sweater can be turned into a fashionable vest and a dress into a skirt

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