How to buy less? A handful of practical tips

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How to buy less? A handful of practical tips
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This is a question many of us ask ourselves. We often buy things that we seem to need on the surface. This contributes to chaos in our home that we can’t control. Do you want to learn how to reduce your shopping? Read this article!

Getting rid of excessive possessions is an important step to start living a minimalist life. It benefits the mind with order and tidiness. In addition, organizing space and tidying up the workplace positively affects our efficiency. Getting rid of unnecessary things is not an easy task, but it will bring order to your home. It is equally important to develop new habits so that you don’t have to go shopping again after throwing out the unnecessary things

Where to start?

How do you take the first step when store windows are screaming at you with brightly colored dresses, expensive jewelry, and reliable appliances? The methods of manipulation that marketing is filled with are well known. At this point, it is useful to use information about sales techniques to realize what strikes us and what techniques we are susceptible to. Being aware that we are being manipulated and knowing how it happens is already a big success. This allows us to prevent these situations from happening

Many people are affected by this problem, especially when it comes to buying excessive amounts of food, less often cosmetics or clothes. As it turns out, the most difficult thing is to buy enough food to prepare meals without throwing leftovers in the trash. This also applies to shoes, handbags or clothes. Often times, you don’t shop when an item runs out, but instead buy several “to stock up.” Excessive accumulation of items comes with the problem of finding a place to store them at home. As a result, we forget about the dresses we bought that year because they ended up at the bottom of the closet. In addition, expired food stored in larger quantities is a great breeding ground for rodents in the pantry or mold growth in the refrigerator. It’s our wallet that suffers the most, because we throw our hard-earned money in the trash and the things we buy aren’t useful

How to buy less? Tips

Avoid walking around shopping malls aimlessly

Looking at store windows makes you want to have a certain thing even though you don’t need it.

Avoid looking at promotional magazines

The posted prices are often inflated so that after the supposed “reduction” they have their standard value. Most often these are consumer electronics and household appliances

Make a shopping list

At home, carefully monitor the amount of food you need and keep a record of products that have run out

Don’t buy to spare

Grocery stores are easy to come by these days. If you run out of an item, you can always buy it.

Don’t shop when you are hungry

Then you will always buy more products. Eat at home first and be sure not to overspend

Plan to shop once or twice a week

With good organization it is absolutely possible. This way you will avoid buying too many things and satisfying your cravings

Shop online

By using websites, you have more time to think about your purchases and whether you really need it.

If you have doubts about buying a certain product, don’t act hastily.

Listen to your intuition. You can always buy the product later when you have thought it through

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