How to do a no make-up?

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How to do a no make-up?

Are you a fan of light and quick makeup that does the job but remains virtually invisible? If so, this trend is perfect for you! Find out how to do it properly.

The purpose of make-up is to cover imperfections, make the face look more beautiful and emphasize natural beauty. Sometimes overdoing it with the amount of cosmetics makes our complexion look heavy, old and unattractive and the effect is so bad that it would be better not to wear makeup at all. The best makeup is the one that achieves its purpose, but at the same time is as little noticeable as possible.

What is make-up no make-up?

It’s very subtle makeup that looks like it’s not there. The effect should give the impression that our face naturally looks so beautiful, without the interference of any cosmetics. Not all of us have flawless skin, and even most of us struggle with imperfections, acne scars, enlarged pores or wrinkles. It’s natural that we don’t like them and want to hide them under makeup. A no-make-up look is all about a radiant face with a light covering foundation and concealer. Forget about black smokey eyes, time-consuming, perfect eyeliner and the mask effect. The most important thing is velvety, glowing skin and delicately emphasized cheeks and eyebrows. Give up mascara and eyeliner. Make sure you have a healthy looking face and remember to moisturize and protect.

Step by step

Make-up starts with a base, so it’s best to choose one that lasts longer or use a highly moisturising cream. When doing a make-up no make-up we want our skin to look fresh, so we do not apply a lot of cosmetics. However, we want it to last and look nice, so it is very important to prepare your face before applying foundation or BB cream

Choose a light opaque foundation, apply a small amount to your face and blur thoroughly with a brush or sponge. If you do not have either of these, you can apply the product with your fingers and gently massage it onto your skin, but you will get a more natural effect if you pat it on with a slightly damp beauty blender sponge, as this absorbs any excess product

Such an even complexion needs a youthful glow. No make-up remover works better than a light, illuminating concealer. Remember that drugstores offer a variety of products of this type. There are concealers with high coverage and a matte finish to cover dark circles under your eyes and there are also concealers with less coverage that work much better for this type of make-up. Apply concealer in small amounts under your eyes, in the center of your nose, on your forehead and a little on your chin. To make it last longer, use a concealer brush to apply a light layer of setting powder to the concealed areas

Then apply a light dusting of blush and bronzer in a warm shade to your cheeks. This will add color to your face and make your complexion look healthy.

Make-up no make-up is all about face make-up, but not only. Style your eyebrows with a clear or light brown gel. Make sure not to spoil the effect by emphasizing them too much. You can leave your eyes sauté or accentuate them with mascara. An interesting idea for such a subtle make-up look is to apply only bronzer as eye shadow on your eyelids. The amount of makeup you use is key in this type of makeup. Remember that in this case less is more

Finish off the look by applying a few shades of toned-down lipstick This is how the models walked the catwalks of such brands as Balmain and Isabel Marant during Paris Fashion Week. Accentuate your assets and enjoy a glowing complexion without spending long hours in front of the mirror

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