The essentials you need for the brow lamination process

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The essentials you need for the brow lamination process

Brow lamination is the process of smoothing the unruly and thinning brow hairs. By lifting the hair in a vertical direction, then relaxing and lifting the hair in a natural downward growth pattern for a better outlook. The brow lamination process is specially performed on brows that are unruly when brow hairs move in different directions. This unruly brow restricts the person to create illusions with brows such as the illusion of a bigger arch or the illusion of big eyes for better facial features. The brow lamination is a crucial, intricate, and delicate process, so professional stylists should perform it. You cannot perform the process at home, professionals will help you give better results. Moreover, it needs high-graded and strong products. Do you want to know the essentials of the products for brow lamination? Let’s find out: 

Remover: Before any process begins, your face should be clean and free from makeup or any creams. Makeup remover is used for cleaning the face. 

Saline solution: Eyebrows should be free from residue and grease. To degrease and remove residue you need to use saline solution. Moreover, skin and eyebrows should be dry before application. 

Spoolie: The rubber Spoolie is used for brushing and combing the brows to get the shape. 

Perm lotion: Perm lotion is used to keep the brow hair in the same direction to continue the application for brow lamination.

Cotton pad or swab: To clean and remove the perm lotion later, cotton pads or swabs can be used. 

Neutralizer solution: Neutralizer is the sodium bicarbonate solution that will halt the process of perming the eyebrows or eyelashes. 

Tinting shade: Tinting shade is the optional process if the client requires eyebrow tinting after the brow lamination process. 

Find the quality products for the brow lamination process

Brow lamination is a crucial process that requires utmost care and precaution. Professionals understand the type of products they need, but selecting the right quality product for clients is also important. Sometimes the products do not suit the skin of the individual, so make sure you patch tests before applying. However, if you choose the top-notch quality product with the right ingredients for brow lamination that will help you with an effective brow lamination process. 

If you are finding the right style for your brow lamination process, good quality and well experienced is the key. They will know what type of products Will help you. 

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