How to slim the figure optically?

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How to slim the figure optically?
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With the right styling, you can optically narrow your waist, shrink your belly, and lengthen your legs. Special styles and clever combinations of garments are key to success. Read the article and try out these fashion tricks on yourself

Slimming underwear

High-quality corrective underwear can accentuate the waistline, conceal a protruding abdomen and lift the buttocks. It usually comes in the form of a body, corset or high-waisted panties. Modelling underwear will not be a comfortable solution to wear every day, but it will be good for special occasions, when we want to look our best. If you want to model your legs, you can also opt for slimming tights.

Figure-skimming dresses

Many women with excess weight opt for oversize clothes, which are not at all conducive to the figure. It is much better to choose clothes in your size, which will be neither too big nor too tight. Well tailored belly-skimming dress is comfortable and looks very feminine. Its cut was designed so that the cut under the bust covers the stomach and hips, which allows to achieve the effect of optical slimming of the whole figure

With the help of an elegant belt, you can mark the narrowest place on your waist and visually slim down. For summer it is good to choose a dress made of airy and natural materials, such as linen or cotton. Another option may be to buy a fitted dress in a dark color or a model that will benefit from the contrast of two colors. Stylists also recommend styles with ruffles or decorative knots at the waist

To compensate for wide hips and narrow shoulders, go for a dress with side gussets. Beware of dresses that are very tight at the stomach and low-cut

Monochromatic styling

One-colored outfits are a good way to slim your figure, but they do not have to be black. Styles, in which you will be dressed from head to toe in the same color, will create the illusion of one long line and optically slim your legs. It is also worth reaching for lengthening cut lines, such as overalls and coats buttoned through the middle with a row of buttons. As far as patterns are concerned, narrow, vertical stripes are best for your silhouette.

Right cuts and flowing fabrics

Among slimming cuts, V-shaped necklines and shirt necklines with extended collars, which optically lengthen the silhouette, are often cited. Also try blouses with flared sleeves and tunics. When choosing pants, go for dark-colored, high-waisted models. As far as fabrics are concerned, go for natural, light and flowing fabrics. On the other hand, it is better to avoid materials with a thick weave, which may widen the hips

Shoes and accessories

To add height and weight, complete your outfit with high-heeled shoes. Pointed heels optically elongate your legs and add femininity. If you want to look slimmer, you should also wear large bags and suitable jewelry. A long necklace in the form of the letter Y can visually even out the proportions of the figure, and also draw attention away from the bust. For women who have a more shapely lower half of the body, long necklaces with a massive and impressive pendant will work great. If you are specifically looking to slim your face, try long, dangling earrings.

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