Birch water. Discover its beneficial effects

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Birch water. Discover its beneficial effects
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Every day we hear about new products that can have a wonderful effect our body. The best are undoubtedly the natural ones. That is why it is worth learning about the properties of birch water.

Most people have heard of coconut water or drink it every day. However, fewer people know that birch water can also be drunk and used in daily care. It has been known for many years to work well with skin problems on the face or scalp. If you want to delve deeper into this topic, we invite you to read an article about the beneficial effects of birch water. It is worth introducing it into your life right now.

Birch water – a healing agent

For many generations birch water has been used as a solution to help the body fight not only various diseases, but also skin imperfections and hair problems. The juice obtained from birch trees has a similar content to coconut water. The drink contains amino acids, enzymes, vitamins B and C, calcium and several other minerals that the body needs for proper functioning. In addition, the birch product has less sugar, which encourages you to use it in your daily diet

Birch sap is harvested from a tree that grows in Poland. It is always done at the end of April and the beginning of May, because then there is the most of it. It is extracted from the bark and buds by inserting a tube or funnel into the trunk of the tree, and the liquid flows into a container. The juice needs to be filtered through gauze, getting rid of impurities. It should be kept in a glass bottle in a cool place. Such juice goes sour in 4 days, so you need to drink it quickly. In industry, it is combined with alcohol, which prolongs its validity and nutritional value.

The use of birch water in care

In order to properly introduce a birch product into your daily skin care routine, at the very beginning it is worth observing the reaction of our skin. The use of the drink can unfortunately irritate it or dry it out due to the presence of alcohol.

You should also start using birch water on your scalp. If you suffer from hair loss or splitting hairs, recurring dandruff and greasy hair, you should bet on a birch rub. Ditch the ready-made cosmetics you find in the store and opt for natural ingredients. Use birch sap after shampooing. The skin will be cleansed and will better absorb the nutrients contained in the preparation. Another option is rinses. In this case, water is rubbed into the hair before or after washing. You should use both procedures twice a week and after a month you will see spectacular results! Your hair will be thick and shiny

Do you have problems with acne or blemishes? Try including birch water in your skin care routine. It will be a great tonic for problematic skin. Poultices will help lighten imperfections and cleanse the skin of excess sebum secretion. You can also use it on swollen eyes. In summer, it is worth having a bottle of birch water with you, as it is a great facial and body mist.

In drugstores we can find creams with the addition of birch water. Cream for dry skin made of birch or regenerating birch cream with betulin? Do not wait, but include this ingredient in your care

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