How to use jasmine oil properly?

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How to use jasmine oil properly?

Jasmine oil is an underestimated product that, among other things, can save severely damaged hair. It is also a natural aphrodisiac. Do you know how to use jasmine oil properly to get its healing and caring properties?

The jasmine flower itself is a symbol of romantic love, often referred to by poets. For centuries it has also inspired perfume makers with its intriguing scent. Jasmine oil has numerous care and health properties. Although it has been valued in many regions of the world for years, its wide application in Poland has only begun to be discovered.

Jasmine oil is good for hair

Jasmine oil has an excellent effect on hair if used regularly. It makes even the driest and dullest hair strands smooth, stops frizz and static. In addition, they grow faster and become stronger. Jasmine itself also has a very good effect on the scalp, among others preventing dandruff. Needless to say, jasmine will also make your hair smell beautiful

How do I use jasmine oil for effective hair care? Applying jasmine oil is not a complicated task. Just rub a few drops of jasmine oil into your hands and massage it into your scalp. After about an hour you should shampoo your hair thoroughly. Jasmine oil is suitable for both light and dark hair. In addition, it can be used on all hair types. The effects should be noticeable after the first treatment.

Perfect for aromatherapy and cosmetology

Jasmine oil is also perfect for aromatherapy treatments. It works very well with other oils such as: rose oil. Jasmine has impressive health and beauty properties. The most important are its antidepressant and relaxing properties. It is also used as a natural aphrodisiac. It helps with women’s ailments and during lactation. It also delays skin aging and helps heal wounds and scars

Cosmetic products with jasmine oil extract result in a significant improvement in the appearance of the complexion. What is this due to? The fact that this essential oil has a similar composition to sebum, which is a natural secretion and that is why it is so well tolerated by it. Jasmine oil also improves blood circulation and delays skin aging. It can be used by people with all skin types from normal to oily, acne, combination or dry. Applying jasmine oil on the skin is as simple as using it on hair. When applied to the skin, it primarily softens the skin, keeps it moisturized and reduces uncomfortable tension. It also soothes inflammation and moreover, reduces the appearance of minor blemishes and redness

Healing properties of jasmine oil

Due to its health properties, jasmine oil is also used to treat: headache, migraine, sore throat, cold and even depression. Jasmine oil can be used in different ways: rubbing it in, inhalation, massage and aromatic baths

What should be prepared for inhalation? A vessel for hot water, a towel and, above all, the oil. Add a few drops of jasmine oil to hot (about 70°C) water, lean over the container and cover your head with a towel. We also add a few drops of oil to the bath.

Jasmine oil can also be applied directly to the skin. With a troublesome cough and runny nose, it is worth using ointments that contain it. You can also use a therapeutic massage with the oil. It is used to rub the chest, neck and back. Ointments also have inhalation properties, because they decongest the airways. They support the treatment of cold and bring relief from pain. It is best to apply them at night, as heat enhances their effect.

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