Shea butter – find out its precious properties

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Shea butter – find out its precious properties

Shea butter is certainly one of the top products among the recently very popular natural cosmetics. It is an oil rich in moisturizing and regenerating properties, which has long been used as an ingredient in cosmetics. Recently, it has been increasingly recommended and praised as a stand-alone skin care product.

Some cosmetologists talking about the number of uses of shea butter say that there is no other such multifunctional cosmetic. It is worth getting to know its action on your own skin and use it in various skin care situations – from a lip serum to a balm to nourish the feet

What is shea butter?

Shea butter is also known as karité butter. It is an oil made from the seeds of the butter tree, the Parka butterbur, which is found in central and western Africa. Its use in its native lands is multifaceted, as it plays an important role both in cooking and in the production of cosmetics or medicines. Butter has a solid consistency, but under the influence of temperature it easily changes its state to liquid, thanks to which it exists in the form of vegetable oil. It can be warmed in the palms of the hands and rubbed evenly into the skin. It works great as a body lotion, because it gives the skin a beautiful slightly nutty scent

Shea butter properties

What properties and advantages can we admire? Certainly a high content of vitamins A and E. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, so it is perfect for helping in the regeneration after cosmetic procedures or simply as a protective filter. It slows down the natural aging process of the skin, because it has properties that stimulate collagen production. Of course, we can not forget about its moisturizing abilities, while applying shea butter on the skin properly lubricates, but does not clog pores. It works great as a night cream, as its consistency is quite heavy and is not suitable as a base for daytime makeup

Which shea butter to choose? Refined or unrefined?

In stores we can find two types of shea butter, refined or unrefined. What is the difference between these two products? Butter from the seeds of the butter tree is an oil, the key is the way it is made, namely pressing

Refined butter is obtained manually, by mechanical pressing, which must not exceed a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. This method does not reduce the content of vitamin E in the oil, which acts as a natural preservative, which affects the longer shelf life of butter

Unrefined butter, or organic butter, has more nutrients due to the omission of the refining process. However, it can cause allergic reactions, so test it on a small patch of skin first

Shea butter – use in skin care

Shea butter oil, thanks to its versatile action can be used in many ways. It is great for skin care and nourishes damaged and brittle hair. It can be applied as needed to different parts of the body. Shea butter can be used as

  • amoisturizing body lotion – ideal for very dry areas,
  • stretch mark cream for pregnant women – improves skin elasticity
  • component of homemade scrubs – just combine shea butter with cane sugar,
  • lip balm – works great in various weather conditions,
  • face mask – oil has regenerative properties and is great as a soothing after-sun treatment
  • night cream – has anti-wrinkle properties and does not clog pores,
  • hair oil product – oil treatments give great results, especially seen on damaged and dry hair that needed nourishment,
  • baby flare-up cream – the natural composition of shea butter makes it a completely safe product for the skin care of young children
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