Beauty benefits of raspberries

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Beauty benefits of raspberries

Raspberries are tasty, aromatic and very healthy fruits. They are valued by herbalists and nutritionists because they contain many vitamins and minerals. The wild ones are the tastiest and have the most beneficial health properties. How can raspberries affect our beauty? Read on to find out.

Raspberries contain organic acids (citric, salicylic, malic, tartaric, ursular, etc.); pectin, pigments and nitrogenous substances; sugars (mainly glucose and fructose); tannins; cellulose; essential oils. They are also rich in vitamins: A, B1, B2, B9 (folic acid), C, PP, and beta-sitosterol, which has anti-inflammatory effects. They contain minerals and trace elements: copper, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, cobalt. They help maintain skin tone, strengthen capillaries, moisturize, whiten and nourish the skin, and as a result leave it fresh and clean. The fruit also has anti-inflammatory properties and improves skin elasticity.

As a natural antioxidant, raspberries slow down the skin aging process, which is why they are recommended as part of the diet for women over 35. However, raspberries will provide excellent hydration and care for any skin. They also have a very high iron content, which makes them a great support for women during menstruation.

Applications in cosmetics

Raspberries have long been used for various beauty treatments. Usually, fresh fruits are chosen for this, as well as their leaves and flowers. The content of vitamins E, PP, A, B2 in raspberries makes their cosmetic properties irreplaceable. They help keep the skin firm, prolong its youth, whiten and nourish it. Raspberries refresh and even out the complexion, protect against wrinkles, moisturize and make the skin elastic.

A frozen decoction of raspberry leaves and linden flowers (1:1) helps fight wrinkles and sagging skin. Raspberry juice, on the other hand, helps with skin prone to oiliness and enlarged pores (rub the fresh juice into the skin every morning).

Since raspberries help whiten the skin, they are also used to remove freckles. Both fresh fruit and raspberry juice are used for this purpose. These fruits are also good for hair. A decoction of raspberry leaves will make your hair look natural and beautiful.

Raspberries and face care

Already in ancient Greece, women enjoyed the amazing properties of raspberries, knowing their miraculous effects on the complexion.

Raspberries contain ingredients such as:

  • organic acids – have an antioxidant and rejuvenating effect, fight the aging process;
  • vitamin E – helps to eliminate age spots, renew cells and smooth out wrinkles, restores skin elasticity;
  • polyphenols – are powerful natural antioxidants, take part in the merciless fight against acne, unevenness, free radicals and wrinkles, while protecting the skin from adverse effects;
  • trace elements and minerals – contribute to the improvement of facial skin, it acquires a well-groomed appearance;
  • flavonoids – stimulate collagen formation and cell renewal.

Raspberry masks provide a whitening effect, so they are indicated for people with age spots. The advantage of home cosmetics from raspberries is their versatility – there are no restrictions on the type and age of the skin.

Homemade raspberry masks

Below we have presented some recipes for nourishing raspberry masks that you can prepare yourself at home.

Raspberry mask recipe

Crush fresh raspberry leaves to form a gruel, which you then apply on your face for 15 minutes, avoiding the skin under your eyes. This mask provides a toning effect

Indications: oily skin, enlarged pores, aging skin. For dry skin, add a teaspoon of ingredients of your choice to the leaf gruel: cottage cheese, fatty cream or honey.

Vitamin-toning mixture

Mix crushed or creamed raspberries in equal proportions with crushed strawberries. Apply the mixture on your face at once. Add a drop of lemon juice to the raspberry-strawberry mixture if you want a whitening effect in addition to nourishing your skin.

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