Hydrolats – a hit in natural cosmetics. Do you know how to use them?

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Hydrolats – a hit in natural cosmetics. Do you know how to use them?
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Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular and their wonderful properties are recognized by more and more women. The consequence of this trend is the appearance of new products in the offer. One of them is hydrolate which is available in herbal or floral version and becomes an absolute hit as its effects can positively surprise.

Hydrolats until recently were overlooked and were a side effect of the production of “real” cosmetics. Cosmetic brands did not take into account that they can be considered as valuable products. It turns out, however, that hydrolate is not only all-natural, but also has many positive properties for the skin and hair.

What is a hydrolate?

It is a product of liquid consistency, created as a result of steam distillation of plants used in cosmetics production. It is created, among others, during the production of essential oils. The distillation water is rich in active ingredients and soluble molecules of essential oils, so it has wonderful properties for the skin. One of them is that hydrolate is great for toning the skin and balancing its pH. This is because its reaction is very similar to that of the skin’s surface

Application of hydrolat in everyday skin care

As mentioned earlier, thanks to its toning properties, hydrolate is perfect as a tonic. Proper cleansing of facial skin is the key to a beautiful and healthy look. Hydrolats are perfect as a base for different types of masks and facial treatments. If you are a fan of homemade cosmetics, you must stock up on hydrolate, which works fantastically as one of the ingredients for body creams and lotions

Hydrolate is perfect for morning skincare – its application will refresh your face and make your makeup last longer. It is also worth including cosmetics made of distilled water in your evening rituals – they will help to cleanse the skin of your face and thoroughly remove make-up

Why is a hydrolate more effective than a drugstore tonic?

The wonderful toning properties of hydrolats make them outclass even products specifically designed for this purpose. This is due to the fact that many active substances, active compounds and often also the aroma are taken over from the plant undergoing the distillation process. The natural and simple composition makes them ideal cosmetics for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Hydrolat only needs to be protected with a preservative so that bacteria and microorganisms do not develop in it. Store-bought toners often contain chemicals that do not serve your facial skin and irritate it

How to make your own hydrolate?

At home, you can successfully make your own distilled water, rich in vitamins, mineral salts and other active substances. Just pick a few twigs or flowers of the plant you want to distill. Place an aluminum cup or other heat-resistant vessel at the bottom of a small pot. Put the prepared plants – e.g. lavender, sage, elderberry or jasmine – into the pot and pour distilled water up to the height of the container placed in it. Place a bowl on top of the mug. Cover the pot with a lid and boil the plants for at least an hour. In the process of cooking, steam will form, which will condense into a bowl, in the form of hydrolate. In order to speed up the process of condensation, we can put a bag of ice on the lid of the pot during cooking. Homemade flower water should be used within a few days, because without adding a preservative it can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. It should be stored in the refrigerator, in a closed bottle with an atomizer, preferably made of dark glass

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