Reusable cosmetic pads – now you can make them yourself!

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Reusable cosmetic pads – now you can make them yourself!
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Would you rather use one cotton pad a hundred times than a hundred cotton pads once? Actually, you only need four things to make reusable beauty pads.

Cosmetic pads are used daily by almost all of us – when removing makeup and washing our faces, for removing nail polish. However, this is not a very economical solution. You pay a few zlotys for a pack of 70-120 pieces, which in terms of conversion, for example, for a month, gives the amount that you will undoubtedly spend in a better way, such as buying a great shadow palette or face cream.

Disposable cotton pads are made of cotton, so they break down quickly, but why should you produce more waste when there is a great alternative for them. Reusable cosmetic pads are available in many stores and drugstores, but there’s nothing stopping you from making them yourself. We’ll tell you how to make reusable cosmetic pads quickly and easily.

Basically, all you need is:

  • fabric (cotton, bamboo or linen),
  • scissors,
  • a needle,
  • thread.

You can cut an old T-shirt, cloth or other scraps into petals of any size and shape. Trace this one, for example, from a glass or jar of cream. Then, fold two-three layers of fabric (depending on its thickness) and hem the edges. If you want, you can use a sewing machine for this. Done!

You can wash your reusable cotton pads by hand in just a minute after each use or in the washing machine (preferably in a mesh bag). As they come into contact with your skin and eyes, do not use any bleaches or stain removers. Store them in a resealable box or jar.

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