Natural ways to have a smelly closet

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Natural ways to have a smelly closet

What can be done to give the clothes in your closet a delicate yet pleasant scent? There are many ways, including natural ones, to make your clothes smell nice – find them out!

Unpleasant odor in the closet? This is quite a common problem and there may be many reasons for it. You may have hung something sweaty in it or something not very dry or fresh. This accumulation of smells is not very pleasant. That’s why it’s worth doing something about it, especially as there are lots of ways to make a closet smell good – and they’re natural!

A pleasant coffee scent on your clothes too? Why not!

The aroma of coffee is quite pleasant and not only lovers of this stimulating drink think so. So it is worth giving the scent to our clothes. Just pour two or three tablespoons of freshly ground coffee into a small container or jar and leave it in a closed closet. The very next day our clothes will acquire the “coffee” smell. However, it is important to remember that coffee left in such a way fades with time, so it should be replaced regularly

Pleasant scent of lavender

You can find many sachets of dried lavender in stores and drugstores. However, you can also make them yourself. Just put some dried plant in linen bags and place them in the closet. We can also attach a bunch of branches directly to a hanger. It is worth noting that in addition to adding a beautiful fragrance, we will also repel moths

How about dried citrus?

Citrus scent is very pleasant and refreshing. If we want our clothes to smell of oranges, lemon or grapefruit, we can hang or put dried fruit slices in our closet. You can also add cloves or sprinkle cinnamon to them, such a mixture of scents will be even more intense and pleasant

Tea as a fragrant pendant? Absolutely!

Certainly most of us have a large selection of teas in the kitchen. But not many of us know that tea is also a great natural scent hanger for closets. You can crush a leafy tea and put it in a linen bag and hang it on a hanger.

It’s also a good idea to add some of your favorite fragrance oil to the pouch to create a unique and pleasant scent. If you have tea in pouches, it’s a good idea to gently slit the top of the pouch to allow the aroma to escape better, and hang or lay it out

Dried flowers – the best way to have a fragrant closet

During the vacations you will find plenty of beautifully scented flowers in gardens or meadows. Dry them and then put them in linen bags to place in your closet. You can also create your own fragrance mixes, which will suit your tastes. You can also replace flowers with herbs, such as thyme or mint

Essential oils are very effective

We have a whole power of different oils on the beauty market. Rose, almond, coconut – more or less sweet. So everyone can find one whose scent suits him. We can sprinkle oil directly on the door of our closet or on a piece of cloth that we put inside. If we like a very intense scent, we can also gently sprinkle some clothes, but remember to do it in invisible places – oils can cause stains that are difficult to remove.

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