Is it worth it to cleanse the intestines naturally? Are hunger strikes healthy?

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Is it worth it to cleanse the intestines naturally? Are hunger strikes healthy?

Most often it is in the spring, in order to proudly present ourselves in a bikini in the summer, that we use hunger and juice diets. Is it worth it? Are they harmful? Or maybe sometimes they are necessary?

Many doctors and nutritionists believe that starvation is unhealthy, and juice diets, which are supposed to cleanse the intestines are overrated. After all, we have the right organs and mechanisms for this, which perfectly cleanse our body of toxins. These include the liver, kidneys, and even the skin. For centuries, man has effectively used the naturally built-in purifiers, so why fund unnecessary stress?

Well, many experts are of the opinion that a lot has changed over the years, and food has changed even more. Taste enhancers, chemicals, preservatives and highly processed foods – the body can’t cope with them as effectively as it used to. And in the past, there was no problem for the kidneys or liver to get rid of toxins from the body because there were not so many artificial cloggers.

It is also worth remembering that once upon a time, humans lived according to the rhythms of nature. The period from late spring to autumn was a time when people ate a bit more food, while during winter periods they would envenomate or fast. A perfect example is the fast before Easter. People fasted not only for religious reasons, but their pantries gradually ran out of food. One had to eat less, because no one knew how long the winter would last.

Nowadays people do not fast. We have round-the-clock access to food, even in winter. Disturbed rhythm of the seasons and consumption of highly processed food – all this has negative influence on the health. Therefore it is worth, twice a year, to introduce to your calendar a periodic fast, during which you will consume vegetable and fruit juices that will nourish, regenerate and cleanse your body. It doesn’t have to last 40 days, it’s enough to start with a few, so that your intestines can breathe a bit. What’s more, you don’t have to starve yourself! You can consume fruit and vegetable juices.

Why vegetable and fruit juices? Because they provide your body with vitamins and minerals. What is more, they sweep toxins out of your body. However, if you have not eaten too many vegetables so far, those introduced too abruptly may cause a gastric revolution.

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