Can post-shave irritation be avoided?

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Can post-shave irritation be avoided?

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If you’re struggling with irritation after shaving, you know very well that it’s not comfortable and doesn’t add to your confidence. Read on to find out what to look for when removing your beard.

Take your time

Haste is your number one enemy. It’s easy to rush the razor in the morning, accidentally cutting yourself and irritating your skin. Many men forget that shaving should be preceded by a thorough beard softening. Use soothing gels and foams dedicated to shaving. Soap will not work in this role, because a strong detergent can increase irritation, dryness and the development of skin imperfections.

Choose the right tools

Do you prefer a razor or a razor? If a razor, is it suited to the density of your beard? There are disposable, electric, sonic and razor blades. Using a disposable razor increases the risk of irritation as the blades slide right next to the skin. Disposable razors work well for small stubble, but can end up rubbing uncomfortably on your skin if you have a bushy beard. Remember not to use a disposable razor more than once, as you risk skin irritation by using a blunt and not thoroughly cleaned blade. In addition, plastic razors aren’t eco-friendly and don’t offer all the convenience of electric razors with moving blades that follow the shape of your face or a traditional razor.

For many men, shaving with a razor is a daily grooming ritual that provides great satisfaction. A razor provides high precision, looks stylish and requires no electricity. We distinguish between straight razors with a single blade that has to be sharpened regularly and models with replaceable blades. The latter have blades that need to be changed based on your needs and should be done more often if the beard is tougher. Buying a razor can be a long-term investment, but the first one doesn’t have to be expensive. When buying it is worth paying attention to the fact that the blade is certified and made of high quality steel. For the beginning, a blade with a rounded tip is recommended. When it comes to the handle, there are various finishes available on the market, including wood, bone or plastic lining. Most importantly, the handle should not slip in your hand while shaving and should have a contoured grip for comfortable blade handling. You can find a wide selection at: h ttps://

Mistakes in male grooming

Some of the most common shaving mistakes are: too much pressure of the blade on the skin, lack of proper hygiene and proper moisturization of the skin after shaving. Skin that is not cleansed regularly is more prone to acne changes. Take a close look at the ingredients of the products you use. Cosmetics containing alcohol can dry out freshly shaved skin, so don’t apply them right after shaving. It’s also important not to shave against the grain. It might be quicker, but does it really save time to fight irritation afterwards?

A visit to the dermatologist

If making changes to your skincare routine doesn’t help you get rid of irritation, consult your dermatologist. You may find that the irritation is not caused by shaving, but by an allergy to the products you use or dermatitis.

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