Plant-based skincare – discover the properties of these trendy ingredients

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Plant-based skincare – discover the properties of these trendy ingredients
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The coronavirus pandemic has affected skin care trends. We have abandoned makeup on a daily basis and have begun to focus on our skin care. More and more women are turning to plant-based products. What effect do they have on the skin? Check it out!

Naturalness is becoming more and more popular. The ideology is connected with the body positive movement and focuses on natural look. In the past, plant-based products were further down the rankings. What was the reason for this? First of all, because of ignorance. Women were not aware of the beneficial ingredients contained in such products. The last few years have seen campaigns to raise awareness about ecology and non-animal tested cosmetics. More attention has begun to be paid to how we can protect the earth and enjoy its gifts

Plants and their properties

Consumers noticed an analogy between the simple, natural composition of the product and the fantastic effects they gained by using it. After years of work in the laboratory, researchers are able to take advantage of all the valuable properties of the plant


One such plant is bacuchiol – a substitute for retinol in its natural form. Bacuchiol is a compound extracted from the seeds of “Granny,” an Indian plant. Importantly, it does not contribute to skin irritation. The edible seeds and leaves from which the beneficial ingredients are extracted are rich in vitamins and substances that prevent skin aging. It contributes to the production of collagen and elastin, with the help of secreted fibroblasts. It is great if you want to firm and eliminate discoloration. It is often found in anti-acne cosmetics, inhibits the formation of sebum and effectively exfoliates dead skin. Bakuchiol is a phenomenon when it comes to plant cosmetics as it eliminates the harmful effects of sunlight

Asiatic astragalus

Just after bacuchiol comes Centella Asiatica. Its use in Indian medicine was discovered thousands of years ago, today it is widely used in the cosmetic industry. Its characteristic regenerative, anti-inflammatory and irritation-soothing properties can be attributed to madekasosides and asiaticosides. Asian tarragon is effective against acne and atopic dermatitis, soothes redness and evens out skin tone. In addition, the plant helps treat inflammation and prevents aging. Similarly to bacuchiol, it firms the skin thanks to the fibroblasts it contains

Hemp cosmetics

The controversy over the entertainment aspect of hemp began to fade a few years ago. In addition to its intoxicating properties, attention has turned to the plant’s beneficial ingredients and use in cosmetics. Oils containing hemp have a purifying and antibacterial effect. They reduce sebum secretion. It is a must have for owners of oily and acne-prone skin. Hemp cosmetics deeply moisturize the skin and lighten discolorations

Hemp seeds are rich in proteins and acids, which are great for wrinkles. Vitamins K, E, magnesium and zinc are used in daily skin care. They contribute to the elimination of free radicals, which is reflected in the regulation of the skin aging process

CBD extracts are completely legal, in addition to their analgesic properties have been confirmed. Hemp has a calming effect on the nervous system without having a psychoactive effect like THC

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