What to add to your bath? Ideas for relaxing in the tub

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What to add to your bath? Ideas for relaxing in the tub
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A bath is the perfect way to relax, unwind after a hard day or boost your health. Check what you can do to relax in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Idea number 1 – bath in salts

There is nothing like a fragrant bath salt. Thanks to this product you will be surrounded by a wonderful aroma! It is worth choosing salt with a scent that you particularly like. Fortunately, manufacturers offer a variety of solutions in this regard. A handful of salt will automatically make you feel relaxed. This is a real SPA for the skin tired after a long day! It is safe to say that bathing in salts is a real relief for the senses. Every bathtub owner should also have bath salts in her bathroom.

Idea number 2 – Bathing in sage

A handful of sage and camomile – this combination will make your tired body feel what real relaxation is. You need to pour boiling water over the herbs and then pour into the bathtub. Nothing easier, right? And the effects will be amazing. Sage wonderfully cleanses and regenerates a tired body. So if you feel overwhelmed by everyday life or you are directly after physical exertion, it is worth trying such a bath. Afterwards, use a body lotion.

Idea no. 3 – bath with oils

There’s nothing like essential oils to pamper your body and make you feel relaxed! Fill the tub with warm water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. You can also use several. Essential oils work well. Simply choose one based on your taste in scents.

Idea no 4 – honey bath

Add 3 liters of milk mixed with 3 tablespoons of honey to warm water. Such bath is an ideal proposal especially for dry skin, which after the treatment will be incredibly smooth. Of course, after the bath rinse your body under running water to remove the remaining honey from your skin.

Idea number 5 – bath with Himalayan salt

Can you get… slimmer while lying in the tub? It may surprise you, but yes. A great option may turn out to be bathing in Himalayan salt. The proportion is 10 g per 1 liter of water. Such a bath has not only detoxifying but also slimming properties. Isn’t it a perfect combination?

Set the mood

There are plenty of ideas for a relaxing bath. Any combination of liquids and oils will give you an amazing effect. But to make it that much more complete, you should set the mood around you. It really doesn’t take much to make you feel special. Place candles in the bathroom to create the right mood

Your favourite music, piped in softly from the radio, will also be an ally! Why not pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, too? It tastes best when you are relaxing in the bath! Remember that regular baths are a great complement to your daily skincare routine. Depending on the additives you use, a bath can even be therapeutic.

Main Photo: Isi Parente/unsplash.com

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