Puree and its many uses in skin care

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Puree and its many uses in skin care
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The benefits of the purple plant were already known in ancient times. Nowadays, too, this plant is gaining more and more fans every day. All thanks to its beneficial effects on our body. Find out why you should include purge in your diet and care.

What is purge?

Purity is a plant from the purgative family. Its natural habitat is pine and oak forests, mainly in the Mediterranean regions of Greece and Albania. In Poland it is found only as a cultivated plant.

Purity – properties

The properties of chaste were used already in ancient times. Back then, the herb was used as a remedy for diarrhea, respiratory diseases and hard-to-heal wounds.

Today, we are rediscovering purge. The plant strengthens the human immune system, thus having no side effects. It has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, strengthening and anti-allergic effects. Also, chasteberry cannot be overdosed. The plant’s tea can be drunk from the age of 3 months, and tastes delicious with the addition of lemon and honey.

Remedy for respiratory infections

Cough and sore throat? Puree tea can help you. The plant is extremely rich in penophyllia, which makes it perfect for cracking down on all microorganisms.This effectiveness is confirmed by clinical studies.

Puree for prostate hypertrophy

The antiproliferative and cytotoxic properties of puree make it relieve men struggling with prostate hypertrophy.

Purity for smokers

Puree removes heavy metals from the body, so it is especially recommended for cigarette smokers.

Puree in daily skin and hair care

However, the most interesting seem to be the skin care properties of puree. Due to its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, it has a salutary effect on acne-prone skin. It can also be used for skin and nail fungus and herpes. Puree also helps with dandruff and psoriasis.

Elixir of youth

Chaste is an herb with antioxidant properties, so it has a great ability to trap free radicals and reduce collagenase activity. As a result, it exhibits a rejuvenating and vitalizing effect.

Oral hygiene

An infusion of chaste can be used to rinse the mouth after brushing the teeth. In this way, we can replace the liquids available in stores. All thanks to the antibacterial properties of the plant. Puree also has a whitening effect on teeth.

Antidote for bad smell

Regular drinking of chaste results in a change in the smell of body secretions. So if you have a problem with unpleasant sweat odor, regularly drinking an infusion of puree can solve your problem.

Purity for weight loss

Puree is also known for its metabolism-boosting and constipation-reducing properties. So it will be a great addition to a weight loss diet.

How often to drink purge to notice the effects?

It is important to be regular in drinking purge. Only then will you notice real effects. We are talking about daily consumption of the infusion. We will be able to notice the first effects after just a week, and for the more spectacular ones we will have to wait about a month.

What kind of purge to drink?

The easiest way is to drink purge in the form of a ready-made tea, available in the store or pharmacy. If we want to sweeten the drink, such as with honey, we must wait until it reaches a temperature of about 40 degrees. If the taste of a puree infusion does not suit you, you can purchase it in tablet form.

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