Salutary properties of Dead Sea mud

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Salutary properties of Dead Sea mud
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Do you like to take care of yourself and do you appreciate the values of natural care? Include Dead Sea mud in your beauty treatments. Find out more about this unusual substance and get to know the cosmetics which use its beneficial powers.

Dead Sea Mud as a natural cosmetic

Lying on the border of Israel, Palestine and Jordan, the Dead Sea is an extraordinary body of water. First of all, it is not really a sea, but an extremely salty lake, on the surface of which you can freely float, even without being able to swim. Its location in the Jordan Valley makes it the lowest body of water in the world. The Dead Sea is characterized by an unusually high concentration of minerals, which is a result of geological conditions, the lack of connection with the ocean waters, and the hot climate in which everything evaporates and crystallizes

Bathing in the Dead Sea revitalizes, eliminates skin imperfections and relieves muscle pain. However, the beneficial brine is not the only wealth that this extraordinary sea has at its disposal. No less valuable elixir is extracted from its depths mud. It is extremely rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium, iron, chromium, lithium and barium. They provide the body with comprehensive care. Numerous advantages of Dead Sea mud did not escape the attention of cosmetics manufacturers, whose formulas are based on natural ingredients

Properties of Dead Sea Mud

The comprehensive action of Dead Sea mud allows to take care of the body in a perfect way. Thanks to it multidirectional care becomes possible to implement even in a home spa. See for yourself that the inconspicuously looking mud has assets which will benefit your body. Which properties are worth mentioning?

  • Purifying. Mud absorbs excess sebum, giving the complexion a matte look without drying it out. After its use the skin gains a healthy color, is smoothed and dilated pores are narrowed. Moreover, systematically applied mud makes blemishes appear less frequently on the face.
  • Nourishing. Do you want to oxygenate your skin and provide it with indispensable micro- and macroelements? Choose Dead Sea mud which intensifies cell renewal, reducing imperfections such as discolorations or wrinkles. As a result, your skin becomes regenerated and looks younger.
  • Anti-cellulite. If you want to reshape your silhouette and fight orange peel, the anti-cellulite and detoxifying properties of mud will be to your liking. The product enhances cell metabolism, reduces cellulite and stretch marks and improves tissue elasticity.
  • Therapeutic. The therapeutic character of the Dead Sea mud makes it successfully applied in the form of compresses, which are a remedy for psoriasis, allergies, AD and juvenile acne. The mud also relieves pain associated with rheumatism and various types of injuries.

Cosmetics containing Dead Sea mud

Do you want to give your skin care a new quality? Choose natural cosmetics with Dead Sea mud. Especially in case of problematic and oily skin creams with the addition of mud work very well as it will restore balance to the skin and soothe possible irritations. Systematic patting in of the cream should be supplemented with the use of cleansing masks with anti-acne and detoxifying properties

Peelings on the basis of Dead Sea mud should also be present in your bathroom. Using them, you will exfoliate dead epidermis, improving microcirculation and skin firmness, which will have a positive impact on its overall condition. In addition to preparations applied to the skin, you can also find hair care products. Shampoo, conditioner or mask with Dead Sea mud in a short time will strengthen them along the entire length and help reduce excessive production of sebum, which causes greasiness and weakness of hair strands

Mud from the Dead Sea in a home spa

You can test the Dead Sea mud in your home spa, which is also available as a separate product without any other additives. Pure mud has the consistency of easy spreading clay or powder and must be carefully mixed with water. Apply to cleansed face and body or apply evenly to scalp and hair from roots to ends. After a few minutes you should carefully rinse your body and hair with water. The mud’s effect time can be gradually extended with subsequent applications as it is a highly concentrated product. In case of hair, the mud should be slightly heated to increase its assimilability

Until recently, preparations with mud were available mainly in professional beauty salons, but today you can enrich your skin care with them on your own. Systematically applied Dead Sea mud and cosmetics with its participation will change your hair and skin for the better.

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