Top 5 herbs that are allies in beauty care

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Top 5 herbs that are allies in beauty care
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Every woman dreams of looking beautiful and healthy, which is also associated with a better mood and increased self-confidence. Proper care, both inside and outside is a mandatory ritual every day. Unfortunately, every day we expose our skin, hair and nails to a number of harmful factors that significantly affect the overall state of our beauty, causing a loss of firmness, shine, or the formation of unwanted blackheads and spots.

Care properly selected for our needs, is able to improve the overall condition of our skin, hair and nails. However, it is also worth remembering about natural ingredients, which are herbs. Their pro-health properties have been known for centuries and in some countries, passed down from generation to generation. Herbs will significantly affect the overall shape of our beauty, they will add glow to it, allow to get rid of unwanted problems and slow down the aging process. Thanks to them we will also get rid of visible imperfections, which often cause a lot of complexes

The overall appearance of our skin is affected by many factors, even those over which we do not fully have control. Stress, environment, poor diet, stimulants and genetics can deteriorate the appearance of facial skin. To take care of your external beauty and well-being, you should first start changing your habits and care based on natural ingredients, including drinking herbs, full of beneficial properties. So which herbs to choose to fight imperfections and problems? Which of them will best improve the state and condition of our beauty, allowing us to enjoy a beautiful and young appearance?

Top 5 best herbs for beautiful beauty


Nettle infusions have been known for centuries and were quite common in the homes of our grandmothers. Nettle is known for its phenomenal antibacterial properties, thanks to which it is perfect in the fight against acne. Rich in vitamins B1, C, E and K and having significant amounts of calcium, phosphorus, iron and iodine, nettle also has a beneficial effect on hair and nails. Nettle infusion has a cleansing effect, especially on highly seborrheic and oily skin, and the antioxidants it contains have a positive influence on the youthful and healthy appearance of the skin. Nettle also influences hair and nails. It helps fight oily problems by normalizing sebum production and influences hair growth and density.


It is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is perfect for fighting acne and thanks to the content of magnesium and vitamin C it helps reduce the visibility of acne scars, it is also used as a tonic for blemishes and freckles. The plant is rich in vitamins A, C, E, K and B6. It helps even out skin tone and prevents the aging process. It is also worth mentioning that dandelion is also useful in fighting warts and warts and helps heal wounds. Dandelion also contains biotin and zinc, which stimulates hair growth, acts against dandruff and seborrhea

Field horsetail

Field horsetail, like nettle, is a siliceous herb which, precisely because of its silicon content, has a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails. Field horsetail is also a source of iron, manganese, cobalt, potassium salts, calcium and phosphorus. It improves overall skin elasticity, gives it a younger look, delaying the visible signs of aging. Thanks to its properties of sealing blood vessels it is useful in the care of couperose skin. An infusion of field horsetail cleanses the body of toxins and is often used to treat kidney disorders. It improves the overall condition of hair, helping with dandruff and hair loss.


We are all familiar with the turnip that quite often attaches itself to clothes on walks. This is actually burdock, a weed that has beneficial properties for beauty. Burdock root is rich in inulin, phytosterols, sulfur, saponins and vitamin C. It has a beneficial effect on acne-prone skin, adding glow, solving seborrheic problems and delaying signs of aging. It also has a beneficial effect on hair; it regulates sebum secretion and helps fight oily hair and dandruff.

Field pansy

Field pansy is rich in disinfectant salicylic acid, vitamin C, carotenoids, mineral salts and tannins. It is used in acne problems because of its anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. It is also perfect for capillary skin care; it seals and strengthens capillaries. The plant also strengthens hair and nails. It is recommended for use both internally in the form of an infusion and externally in the form of a tonic

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