What to do with unused cosmetics?

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What to do with unused cosmetics?

Several bottles of shower gels, shampoos and scrubs, jars of creams, countless lipsticks and glosses. The truth is that hardly any woman does not buy cosmetics in excess. Because of the fact that we have too many products, some of them will not be used. How to bring a little minimalism into our makeup bags and organize them?

We want to get rid of unnecessary cosmetics, but throwing them in the trash is simply a waste, which we should avoid. It turns out that many of the products mentioned above can be reused in a slightly less conventional way. What is cosmetic recycling and how can it be done?

  1. Hair products
  2. Shampoo

Your cosmetics shelf is getting crowded, so maybe it’s time to reuse those unwanted products in a different way. Shampoo can be used to wash your body, used as bath liquid or hand soap. It is also a great preparation for washing tools after the makeup like brushes or sponges. It can also be used to do laundry, when we need to wash some delicate item of clothing in our hands

  1. Conditioner

Some hair conditioners we buy on impulse or because they were on sale at the drugstore. They are not always the right choice. Such purchases can be put to another use. Adding sugar or ground coffee makes a great scalp scrub.

  1. Moisturizing Cream

Choosing the right face cream is very important for a successful skin care regimen with the desired results. Each skin type may require a different product, which is why it is so easy to make a mistake when buying. A moisturizing cream, if it does not meet our expectations or, worse, irritates our skin and causes an allergic reaction, can be used differently. The skin on the face is the most sensitive, so we can successfully use the wrong cream to care for hands or feet. We can also use the cream as a shine polish for leather shoes!

  1. Crumbled powder or eye shadow

I’m sure you were disappointed when you dropped your favorite stone powder on the ground. But if your product has crumbled, it doesn’t mean it’s just for the trash. There is a quick and easy way to save it. Just pour the cosmetic into a small saucepan, crumble everything and add a few drops of spirit. Then heat the whole thing over low heat and mix thoroughly to form a uniform consistency. The next step is to put the paste back to the package or to a small jar. It is necessary to smooth the whole thing out well to reduce aeration, and we have saved the cosmetic!

  1. Body lotion

Body lotions can be a great base for making homemade scrubs for our skin. Just add sugar, coffee or oatmeal to the lotion to get a valuable cosmetic that will help remove dead skin. Sea salt, oat flour and bran can also be used to exfoliate the skin. This is an easy way to improve the appearance of our skin. Most lotions have moisturizing properties, so the effect will be double. The same trick can be used with bath oil, the consistency and effect of which does not satisfy us. Just add a few grains of brown sugar to make a great scrub

  1. Other tips on how to use unused cosmetics

To the group of cosmetics that we can successfully use differently are too dark foundations and powders. What can they be used for? As face contouring bronzers. By applying a darker product below your cheekbone line, your cheekbone will be beautifully highlighted. Don’t throw away your mascara brushes. Simply wash and dry them to get a tool for applying conditioner to your lashes. A brush will also work great to help you brush your eyebrows. Unfortunately, tanning products like oils quickly lose their properties once opened, so they won’t last until next summer. In order not to throw away the bottle with the product, you can use it as a nourishing hair mask. Oils, thanks to their greasy consistency, will be a great remedy for dry and damaged hair

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