Shampoo in bar – find out its benefits

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Shampoo in bar – find out its benefits

Bar shampoos have been popular for years, especially among travelers, lovers of natural cosmetics and people for whom the environment is important. It’s no secret that plastic bottles and flacons are not eco-friendly solutions. Switching from a shampoo bottle to a bar product has many advantages.

For now, small manufactures, engaged in making natural cosmetics, decide to produce shampoos in cubes. Thanks to the use of suitable ingredients, these shampoos are suitable for all hair types. This is not the only advantage of having such a product in your bathroom

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Our hearts squeezed a little bit yesterday with emotion. This is because we remember well how almost two years ago we sent you samples of our first shampoo in a bar. Do you remember the orange balls that looked like little donuts? Shavings without packaging, thrown loosely into packages. We didn’t have the energy or time for anything else back then. We did not expect that a moment later the shampoo would turn everything upside down and would be one of the most important cosmetics from Spike. And now the samples of the new, gentle shampoo even got their own labels. Seemingly nothing, and yet, geez, pro. We’ll be hosting a special pre-release testing event for you next week, so stay tuned and take a peek at our fey and insta! We will have a limited amount of samples, so train your hunting instincts now :> ___________________________ #cube shampoo #delicateshampoo #shampooblessls #naturalshampoo #haircosmetics #hairmaniac #hairmaniacs #hairmaniac #hairing #naturalnecosmetics #naturalcosmetics #polskiekosmetics #polskiekosmetykinaturalne #naturalnekosmetics #ekokosmetics #shampoozerowaste #zerowaste #zerowastepoland #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastepl #zerowastebezspiny #lesswaste #lesswastepoland #lesswaste

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What is a shampoo bar?

Bar shampoo, like its liquid counterpart, is designed to cleanse the hair and scalp. The difference is that it does not come in a bottle, but rather resembles a bar of soap. You can find a lot of different shapes and colors in the bar shampoo stores. Another difference compared to liquid shampoo: the composition is much simpler, thus healthier. The vast majority of brands that offer a shampoo cube work with natural ingredients. This concept may seem crazy, but it has a lot of pros that can encourage you to try this form of hair care.

Advantages of using a shampoo cube

  1. They don’t require packaging

Before we list the advantages of liquid shampoos, we will start with the environmental aspects. A huge plus is that their transfer for use on the manufacturer-customer line does not involve the use of plastic. Some retailers wrap the bars with paper labels, but this is still a zero waste solution. Unfortunately, the use of plastic bottles is huge. Every minute, millions of these bottles are sold around the world, most of which are not recycled. Choosing a shampoo bar is a small effort that makes a positive difference in reducing plastic in the general circulation. It may seem like such a small change doesn’t have a direct impact on the environment, but it’s important for everyone to take even the smallest steps towards changing their habits and routines

  1. Bar shampoos are very efficient

Bar shampoos are prepared in a different way than their liquid counterparts. The ingredients in them are more concentrated, meaning they contain the very essence of the cleansing and conditioning product. This means that the shampoo lasts for many more washes of the scalp. Some people say that by using this type of product they can afford to wash their heads less often, but this depends on individual preference. For a shampoo to last longer, it is important to store it properly. It must not be kept in a wet place or in damp containers. The main difference that makes shampoos in a bottle less effective is the fact that the main ingredient is water. Also, we tend to pour more product on our hand than is actually needed to cleanse our hair. Bar shampoos are applied directly to the scalp, making it difficult to use excess product. Bars start to foam quickly on contact with water, so it’s easy to tell when you’ve used enough shampoo

  1. Bar shampoos are perfect for when you’re on the go

You no longer have to worry about whether the products you take with you in your makeup bag will spill in your luggage or whether the liquids you take with you will get through airport check-in. Cube shampoo is a great solution for travelers. The cubes are lightweight, so they don’t weigh down your suitcase with extra pounds. Another big advantage is that natural shampoos in cubes take up less space than those poured into bottles. By traveling with your own wash products, you don’t have to use up hotel soaps and shampoos, which are usually packaged in small, plastic containers

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We have a close relationship with all of our products, but bar shampoo holds a special place in starling hearts. We’re betting you’d find a lot of people on board here who came to us specifically because of it. We get so excited every time you tell us you’ll never go back to “regular shampoo” because you’ve found your number one shampoo. You know, Starlings are a bit vain, they like to read nice things 😉 That’s why when we started working on the conditioner, we had a bit of a scare because it’s not easy to jump up to the bar that the shampoo set. Especially since with conditioners you have to try and find your favorite application method to get the best out of them. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a blast. Soft, smooth and taffy without being heavy. Seriously. Who hasn’t tried the conditioner yet and would like to make friends with it, now is the best chance because until Sunday the conditioner is in promo for -50% in a set with two shampoos. ______________________________ #cube shampoo #cube shampoo #cube shampoo #cube conditioner #cube hair conditioner #natural cosmetics #naturalnecosmetics #naturalnecosmeticshair #polishcosmetics #polishcosmeticsnatural #cosmeticspolish #cosmeticsnaturalnecosmeticspolish #zerowaste cosmetics #ecocosmetics #naturalnapofeathering #naturalnapofeathering #wlosing #hairmaniac #hairmaniacs #effecttafli #zerowastepl #zerowastepoland #zerowaste #zeroplastic #zerowasteliving #zerowastebeauty #lesswaste #lesswastepoland

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  1. Minimalism in its pure form

Bar shampoos in their form and label designs are made according to the aesthetics of minimalism. Having a lot of products in the bathroom with flashy and multicolored packaging can shatter the order and tidiness of the place. Introducing cubes into your grooming routine reduces the amount of products in the shower. It also makes the process of cleaning the bathroom easier because it doesn’t require rearranging a dozen bottles

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