Top 7 reusable accessories to have in your bathroom

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Top 7 reusable accessories to have in your bathroom
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1460 cotton swabs, 6 toothbrushes, 24 disposable razors, thousands of used ear buds. These are just some of the many pieces of trash that end up in landfills from our bathrooms and pollute the environment, then decompose there for many years. Fortunately, many of these products can be effectively replaced with reusable accessories that are friendlier to the planet

Being eco-friendly in the bathroom does not have to be difficult

For most, an eco-friendly bathroom is associated with grey soap and ascetic grooming accessories. Fortunately, those days are long gone and now many traditional appliances, hygiene products and bathroom accessories have their eco-friendly counterparts, so it’s worth considering whether they might be a better choice for your next grooming purchase

  1. Reusable cosmetic swabs

It is not a coincidence that this list starts with reusable cotton balls, which have recently become very popular. This is because they can effectively replace thousands of disposable cotton swabs, thus generating less waste and expenses. They are usually made of soft cotton or terry cloth and are ideal for makeup removal and cleansing of the face and neckline. After use, just wash them by hand or in the washing machine and you can use them again

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  1. Natural sponge for washing

Some of us can’t imagine bathing without a sponge or soap. However, instead of reaching for synthetic products, isn’t it better to choose natural ones? For example, those made from a sponge called Luffa. Its choice is supported not only by the fact that it is fully biodegradable, but also the fact that it works exfoliating and anti-cellulite

  1. Massage brush

Another product that will effectively replace all kinds of body scrubs and scrubs, which after use go into the environment along with the sewage. It is a massage brush made of wood and natural fibers, which during brushing the body stimulates circulation and helps exfoliate the epidermis

  1. The reusable razor

We don’t know why at some point the classic razors well known to our grandparents with replaceable blades were replaced by their plastic counterparts. But it’s worth going back to the roots, especially since reusable razors can now be found in most drugstores. Their advantage is that they only require replacement of the blade, and not the entire product, which costs only about a dozen cents a piece

  1. Depilator

If you’re not convinced by a reusable razor, opt for an epilator instead, which will not only last you many years, but will also help you get rid of unwanted hair much more effectively for longer. You can find both mains-powered and battery-powered or rechargeable models on the market. The choice really depends on your preferences and individual tastes. In any case, however, it will certainly be more economical and ecological than classic plastic razors

  1. Sonic toothbrush

Many dentists talk about the advantages of taking care of your oral hygiene with sonic toothbrushes, but apart from that, their use also contributes to eliminating the production of plastic waste in your bathroom. Their lifespan is even several years, and only their tip is replaced, which is much less plastic compared to classic toothbrushes

  1. Electric face brush

Do you like to take care of your face? Do you scrub frequently? Then an electronic face brush is the perfect option for you! It helps remove dead skin, unclog pores, and can last for years, as it usually has a built-in battery that can be recharged like a smartphone. It will help you use fewer facial cleansers and give you a glowing complexion

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