The sirt diet – what is it and is it worth following?

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The sirt diet – what is it and is it worth following?

When singer Adele slimmed down in no time, everyone started asking about the secret of her spectacular metamorphosis. It turned out that she was following the sirt diet. What is it and is it actually worth it?

Proponents of the sirt diet, say they have found the secret to longevity. This is because the task of this way of eating is to activate the youth gene. This is possible thanks to sirtuins, which cause the body to undergo the aging process much more slowly.

Sirtuins, which give the diet its name, are enzyme proteins that occur naturally in the human body. They are the ones responsible for activating the youth gene, as well as slimness. Therefore, the main idea of the diet is to include in your menu as many products rich in polyphenols as possible. It is the latter that activate the sirtuins mentioned above. What is more, polyphenols accelerate metabolism, fat burning, and facilitate the metabolism of fats and glucose. Moreover, studies show that they prolong cell life, fight free radicals and participate in the repair of damaged genetic material. It is also worth mentioning that sirtuins increase insulin sensitivity, and by increasing muscle protein synthesis, they protect us from losing muscle mass. This is very important information, especially for people who are on a reduction.

What are the tenets of the diet?

The Sirtfood consists of two phases, and these are divided into two stages.

Phase one begins with a low-calorie menu of no more than 1,000 calories. It lasts for three days and during this time it is recommended to drink three shakes rich in precious polyphenols and one solid meal that is a little more lacking in these substances. The meal is recommended to be consumed at least two hours apart from the shake.

The next step is to increase the calorie count to 1500 calories. For four days it is recommended to consume two shakes and two solid meals.

After completing the first phase of the diet, you will notice the first effects of the diet in the form of losing a few pounds. However, you should know that this is mainly water loss due to low calorie meals.

The second phase

The first stage of the second phase lasts fourteen days. During this time, you should eat three solid meals and one shake. Two snacks are allowed, which are a rich source of sirtuins. You should also know that before you start this phase of the diet, it is important to calculate your daily caloric needs. This will help you adjust the diet to your needs.

The last stage, is similar to the previous one. No specific calorie or number of meals per day is assumed. However, it is recommended that you drink at least one shake rich in polyphenols every day.

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