Silk for summer – yes or no?

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Silk for summer – yes or no?
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Silk is one of the softest and most breathable materials. So it seems to be perfect for summer. Is it really so?

In summer, when the sun is pleasantly warm outside, we usually look for clothes made of light and airy materials, in which we will not sweat. Therefore, it seems that silk will be the best. Not necessarily.

Silk – a fabric touch of luxury

Silk is a natural fiber. The material is famous for being pleasant, delicate to the touch, breathable and durable. It cools our skin perfectly on hot days. It successfully works at any time of the year. Unfortunately, you have to remember that it creases easily and quickly. Besides, if we wear it in sunny days – it may lose its elasticity and yellowing. Do not soak it too much, because it will get damaged quickly. However, silk works great in summer, but if we are afraid that a blouse, a dress or a skirt will be thrown away after one season, then it is better to bet on garments made of other fabric

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