Vinegar rinse for hair. What gives and how to make it?

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Vinegar rinse for hair. What gives and how to make it?

Is your hair dull, dry and lacking in lightness? A real hair maniac uses a vinegar rinse in addition to hair products. How do you make it?

Our hair endures many hardships every day, which affect its condition. These include summer sun, wind, rain or the hats worn most of the time in winter. In spite of the season and weather conditions, you need to look after your hair practically all the time if you want smooth hair. For long, healthy, beautifully shiny and soft strands of hair, it may be worthwhile to take a closer look at the properties of vinegar. How does a vinegar rinse affect your hair? We are happy to answer!

Why Should you use a vinegar rinse on your hair?

Conscious hair care has recently become very popular. There is a plethora of products for various types of hair, be it high-pored, medium-pored or low-pored hair. We pay great attention to the composition and content of shampoos and conditioners. This allows us to eliminate products containing silicones and many other specifics that damage our strands. It is worth using various rubs, rinses and oiling. Start with a vinegar solution. First of all, it will be a cheap investment, and secondly, it is easily available. All you need is a little time and willingness.

Vinegar rinse. With whom will it work and how to use it?

When thinking about using a vinegar rinse on your hair, there are a few things you need to know. Not every hair type will be receptive to this product. If your hair is thin, dry and damaged, especially after bleaching, don’t risk it. Using a rinse will make your hair even drier, so here it is better to focus on oiling and moisturizing (for example by using conditioners or masks). Apple cider vinegar works well for women who struggle with dandruff, frizz, dullness and oily hair

It’s best to make a vinegar rinse right after shampooing. We often have hard water and vinegar will deal with it perfectly. Your hair will bounce back and shine beautifully. Pour the solution from the bottle over your strands under running water or immerse your head in a bowl of rinse. There is no need to worry about the hair smelling unpleasant afterwards. After drying, you won’t smell anything. If you are particularly sensitive to odors, you can rinse your hair with lukewarm water or spray a conditioner at the end of the rinse

Easy to Prepare

To prepare the rinse, you will need a jug or bowl for 1 liter of water (or a little more). The water can be boiled or mineral water. Add to it 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (wine vinegar can also be used). If you have long hair, it is better to prepare a solution for 2-3 liters, thus increasing the dose of vinegar by another tablespoon. You will be sure to have enough product for the entire length of your hair. To neutralize the smell of vinegar, you can add a few drops of peppermint or lavender scented oil to the brew. By preparing the rinse yourself, you can be sure that it does not contain any unnecessary or harmful ingredients. Most importantly, the rinse will make your hair soft, shiny and less oily

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