Top 10 nutritional and skin care properties of aloe vera

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Top 10 nutritional and skin care properties of aloe vera
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Aloe vera is very easy to grow yourself and has a variety of beneficial health properties. We have prepared 10 of the most important ones for you!

  1. Aloe Vera naturally boosts immunity

This succulent stimulates the immune system. Especially in autumn or when you feel unwell, you should use aloe vera extract or aloe vera juice to strengthen your immune system.

  1. Positive influence on digestion

Aloe vera helps to maintain the correct balance of intestinal bacterial flora, thanks to which it improves digestion. It is a natural home remedy for stomach reflux and indigestion. People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome can also experience positive effects. Aloe leaf extract restores the proper pH level in the stomach, helps treat ulcers and relieves abdominal pain resulting from these problems

  1. It is distinguished by its high content of vitamins and minerals

Vitamins A and E are responsible for the healthy appearance of skin, hair and nails, prevent cancer and strengthen immunity. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and protects the body from the invasive effects of free radicals. B vitamin complex supports mental balance and growth. Folic acid present in the pulp, which is essential for the proper functioning of the circulatory system and nervous system. Aloe extract is also rich in valuable minerals including magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc and others

  1. Purifies the body, has deacidification effect

Aloe vera has an alkalizing effect and helps to restore the acid-base balance. Although many people underestimate this issue, the proper pH level in the body is of great importance. Infections of various origin develop much easier in an acidic environment

  1. Aloe has a positive effect on the appearance of the skin

As a succulent, aloe vera is excellent at retaining water. This property makes the skin perfectly moisturized and at the same time does not clog pores. Therefore, creams and special cheeses with aloe extract are especially recommended for people suffering from acne. Aloe vera has an antiseptic effect and reduces imperfections. Moreover, it can also be used as a treatment for psoriasis, eczema and other skin inflammations. Aloe vera helps remove dead skin, thus increasing the skin’s absorbency. It allows active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin and nourish it more intensively. The effects are clearly better and faster visible. For this purpose it is worth looking for preparations enriched with aloe extract

  1. Deeply regenerates and nourishes hair

Aloe vera gel intensively strengthens the hair and makes it flexible. After just a few applications, your hair will shine more brightly. This is also good news for people with curls – the humectant present improves the curliness of the hair. Aloe Vera, thanks to its regenerating and moisturizing properties, also helps in the fight against dandruff

  1. Prevents the first signs of aging

The ingredients in aloe vera stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This makes it more elastic and firm, and at the same time slower to show signs of aging. The effect is strengthened by antioxidants contained in aloe vera, which protect against free radicals and also have an anti-aging effect

  1. Supports effective weight loss

Many people who want to support long-term weight loss also include aloe vera in their diet. The extract from this plant has a cleansing effect, which promotes shedding of excess weight. Thus, it gets rid of toxins and improves your mood

  1. It soothes inflammation, has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties

Aloe vera is rich in saponins which have healing and disinfecting properties. They prevent the development of pathogenic microorganisms, and additionally sulfur compounds, phenols and cinnamic acid have antibacterial effects. Fatty acids prevent the reaction of inflammatory mediators, thus effectively inhibiting the process of local inflammation. Additionally, the compounds in aloe vera relieve pain

  1. Lowers the level of sicksterol

Beta-sitosterol contained in aloe flesh reduces absorption of cholesterol, which results in reduction of the amount of this compound in the body. Aloe vera has excellent effects on health and beauty. It will certainly be useful in your bathroom as a regenerating product, improving the condition of your skin and hair

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