What materials to choose clothing and underwear from?

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What materials to choose clothing and underwear from?
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Choosing clothes is usually based on visual impressions. When shopping, the appearance of the clothes matters when it comes to the composition and quality of the material, very often attention is paid to how the fabric feels to the touch. Less of a priority, however, is the effect of the fabric on the skin, and this is not without significance. Exceptionally important are the fabrics from which underwear is made. We suggest how to choose clothing and underwear in terms of materials

Fabrics for everyday clothes

The clothes you want to wear every day should be sewn from good quality natural and durable materials. Cotton, linen, wool or cashmere are permeable fabrics so that your skin can breathe freely. Proper air circulation allows the body to efficiently exchange heat. Wearing clothes made of natural materials, you can avoid skin problems, irritation, eczema and diseases resulting from unsuitable conditions for the skin.

Artificial fabrics, created from polyester, acrylic or elastane do not let air through, so the body sweats and does not dry. Warm, humid environment promotes the growth of bacteria, which are responsible for the unpleasant smell of sweat, and creates ideal conditions for the development of fungi.

Plus size women with wide thighs are well aware of the problem of thigh rubbing on warm days. Natural materials that allow the skin to breathe healthily and wick moisture away can help combat chafing on the thighs, underarms or abdomen. An XXL dress made of natural, permeable and lightweight cotton will definitely not contribute to skin damage

Natural materials are also usually more durable, resistant to abrasion and tears. You can wash them at high temperatures without worrying about them getting damaged or losing their cut, and they hold their colors better. So if you go for good quality, natural fabrics, you’ll save money

Fabrics for underwear

The skin in intimate areas is very delicate, and on top of that, very sensitive to changes and prone to infections. When buying underwear, pay attention to the composition of the material from which it is sewn. Plain, natural cotton is the best choice when it comes to panties. It is absorbent, dries quickly, is air permeable and provides proper ventilation for the skin.

You can buy beautiful underwear models in any size at https://www.atrakcyjna.pl/pol_m_Sexy-bielizna-550.html. When it comes to socks too, the more natural the better, although usually to make socks flexible, the addition of synthetics is necessary. You can find fashionable cotton socks at https://noq.com.pl/kategoria-produktu/kobieta/skarpetki-damskie/

Fabrics for evening dresses

Evening dresses are usually sewn with synthetic materials. Tulle, lace and shiny, sequined knits are the most impressive, and those made of cotton or silk are very expensive. Therefore, manufacturers rely on artificial fabrics to reduce the cost of such dresses

Once in a while you can allow yourself to go out in a synthetic material, but all-night madness on the dance floor may end up with an unpleasant smell and the need to stop the party to take a shower. It is definitely better to invest in a slightly more expensive dress made of natural materials and wear it to several parties, than to have a new creation every time you go out, but deter the smell of your dance partners

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