Activated charcoal – why should I use cosmetics with this ingredient?

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Activated charcoal – why should I use cosmetics with this ingredient?
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Activated charcoal is currently one of the most sought after substances in cosmetics. Discover Duetus line of cosmetics, which contains this unique ingredient!

Thanks to its unique microporous structure (1 gram of activated charcoal is equivalent to the surface of about 3300 m2!), it has extremely strong adsorbing properties (binding other chemical compounds) and thus shows antioxidant and cleansing properties, absorbs excess sebum, regulates the sebaceous glands. It helps to reduce the visibility of pores, supports the healing of blemishes and at the same time leaves the skin refreshed, radiant, with an even color.

The trend for activated charcoal is so strong in the current period for a reason – the issue of smog and other pollutants present in the air is becoming more and more important. Activated charcoal is an effective “anti-pollution” substance, it has protective properties against the harmful effects of free radicals created as a result of contact between smog and skin.

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Although activated charcoal seems to be a popular cosmetic ingredient, we need to distinguish between several names under which activated charcoal “hides”. But under which INCI designation is a high quality raw material with the strongest antioxidant and cleansing properties? First of all you need to look at the composition of the cosmetic you are interested in:

  • Carbon Black / CI 77266 – a dye with an intense, deep shade of black, it can be obtained by heavy combustion of petroleum products. It is a carbon derivative that has a high surface to volume ratio, but not as high as pure activated carbon. Used only to color cosmetics (e.g., in eyeliners, mascaras).
  • Activated Charcoal – the name indicating the presence of unprocessed activated carbon (charcoal), which retains its unique properties due to its unique spatial form. Activated carbon, apart from cosmetics, is used for example for water filtration.
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Cosmetics with activated charcoal are used not only by people living in large agglomerations, in contact with smog and air pollution – this ingredient is effective in the treatment of oily, acne-prone, combination and polluted skin. It shows effective action both on female and male skins affected by the above mentioned problems.

Sylveco’s new line – Duetus – is based on the highest quality active charcoal (in the INCI composition it is listed as “Active Charocoal”) showing effective seboregulatory, cleansing and antioxidant properties. The whole series shows strong anti-free radical activity and is used to protect the skin from smog and pollution. The light consistency of the formulas guarantees no plugging of the sebaceous glands. Additionally, Duetus are vegan cosmetics, designed for both women and men (unisex)!
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