Arnica – not only for health, but also for beauty

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Arnica – not only for health, but also for beauty
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Have you ever heard of arnica? This is a unique plant that can have a salutary effect not only on your health, but also on your beauty! See for yourself and find out that it is worth using its unique properties in cosmetics and daily care!

Arnica – what is this plant?

Arnica montana is a unique plant, which is distinguished by its beautiful flowers, interesting fragrance and, most importantly, beneficial effects on health. The healing effects of arnica have been appreciated for many generations. Today, arnica is under special species protection. However, special cultivation makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of this perennial plant. In Poland you can only find mountain arnica, but there are up to thirty species of this plant in the world.

Arnica reaches a maximum height of 65 cm. Its flowers are yellow, and its leaves are hairy and narrow. The content of helenalin, phytosterols, organic acids and many other beneficial components has made arnica considered a unique treasure of modern pharmacy.

Application – health

Arnica has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effects, reduces pain and swelling. It is a plant appreciated for its effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Arnica prevents venous clots, improves the efficiency of the heart muscle. Thanks to this perennial, circulation in the limbs and brain also becomes better. Arnica stimulates the digestive system, as it stimulates the stomach to produce juices. The plant increases the amount of urine excretion and relaxes smooth muscles in the body.

Arnica montana is used in gels and preparations to speed up the healing process of bruises. Remedies with this ingredient regenerate tissues that have been damaged. Their application is trivial, as it is enough to gently lubricate the bruised areas, the product is quickly absorbed and accelerates their recovery. Categorically do not lubricate ulcers and wounds with this perennial ointment. 

Few people know that arnica is also great for sprains and strains or simply sciatica. It is a perennial especially appreciated by athletes.

Arnica, or a gift for beauty

Arnica should be of particular interest to owners of vascular, mature and acne-prone skin. The herb affects the shrinking and strengthening of the walls of blood vessels. Skin with a tendency to form spider veins will certainly also look great if we support it with cosmetics with this ingredient on a daily basis. 

Acne-prone complexions also love cosmetics with arnica. The carotenoids that this plant contains are great antioxidants that will support healing. Arnica can also support the treatment of troublesome acne, as it has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Arnica infusions can be used as a hydrolate or tonic to support our complexion. 

Hair, especially oily hair, will return the favor with a beautiful shine after using arnica cosmetics. In addition, the extract from this herb helps fight dandruff.

Cosmetics with the addition of flowers of this perennial are great for anti-cellulite action. Preparations with arnica have the ability to reduce lymphatic stasis. 

Gels with arnica perfectly support the fight against swelling under the eyes. Unsightly shadows, which many women face, brighten with regular use of cosmetics.

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