Top 5 herbs that are beneficial for hair health

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Top 5 herbs that are beneficial for hair health
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Herbs have excellent effects on our health and skin appearance. We check which ones improve the condition of our hair and make it lush, beautiful and healthy!

Nowadays, we return to nature and more and more willingly reach for its benefits. Several decades ago, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did not have such access to medicines or cosmetics as we have today. And yet, they were able to create many home-made, natural and healthy concoctions, which helped to take care of their appearance. Herbs were used for everything, including hair. So, let’s find out which of them have a beneficial effect on your hair!

1. Nettle

One of the most popular herbs used for hair is nettle. In Poland, it is easily accessible; it grows in backyards, meadows or near forests. It is worth knowing that it is rich in such ingredients as: vitamin C, provitamin A, vitamins from group B, vitamin K, tannins, organic acids, flavonoids, chlorophyll, iron, calcium, potassium, sulfur, sodium, phosphorus or iodine. In its roots we find mineral salts, polysaccharides, silica and lecithin. As you can see, nettle is a really valuable herb. It is worth using on hair because it strengthens it, protects it and prevents the negative effects of high or low temperatures and UV radiation. Thanks to the fact that nettle is rich in silicon – hair is stronger, does not fall out and grows faster. In addition, blood supply to the scalp improves

How to use nettle on hair? It can be done both internally and externally. This means that you should drink nettle infusions and apply rinses to your hair at least twice a week. The effects should be noticeable very quickly.

2. Horsetail

Horsetail is another herb that has a beneficial effect on our hair. It is rich in silicon, which is an essential building block for hair (as well as nails and skin). The plant also contains flavonoids, organic acids, phytosterols, tannins, aluminum and potassium salts and carotenoids. Not surprisingly, horsetail extracts are often found in hair products. Horsetail makes hair stronger, thicker, less likely to fall out and, in addition, less oily. You can drink horsetail decoction or tea several times a day and use horsetail rinses or compresses

3. Burdock

Burdock is a somewhat forgotten and often underestimated herb. And it’s a shame, because burdock root contains essential oils, vitamin C, sulfur, phosphorus, polyacetylene compounds and tannins. Thanks to these components burdock works antifungal, nourishing, antibacterial, relieves seborrhea and dandruff. This is not the end of its advantages. It is also ideal for women who would like to accelerate hair growth and effectively strengthen it

How to use burdock? Shampoos and oils containing burdock are available, but home remedies made from the root of the plant can also help. Burdock rinses are also recommended – simply pour warm water over burdock root and use this infusion to rinse your hair

4. Sweet Rush

It is a common ingredient in the hair care regimen and is used in cosmetics. It is a pity, because it contains organic acids, vitamin C, tannins and mineral salts that help get rid of dandruff, improve blood supply to the skin, accelerate hair growth and strengthen it. It is worth using decoctions, rinses or rubs from calamus. It is enough to boil calamus rhizomes over low heat, wait until they cool down and rub them into the scalp

5. Sage

Most of us drink sage infusions when we have upper respiratory infections. And it turns out that this plant also has excellent effects on our hair. Sage has an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces greasy hair, prevents hair loss and fights dandruff. It is therefore advisable to rinse your hair with sage infusion. However, it is important to remember that sage may slightly darken the hair color.

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