Light makeup for summer. See how to do it

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Light makeup for summer. See how to do it
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In summer, not many women feel like putting a thick layer of makeup on their face. Besides, it is good to give your skin a rest. Check out what makeup is best for hot days.

Maintaining makeup during the summer season is not the easiest thing to do – along with the sweat, foundation runs off, and applied mascara and crayon smear. Not only does it not look aesthetically pleasing, it leaves women with a feeling of discomfort. For this reason, during hot weather it is best to bet on a delicate, natural makeup. This involves limiting the amount of cosmetics used and replacing them with lighter ones. It is also advisable to choose different colors in summer. Remember that the purpose of summer skin care should be first of all to protect against excess sunlight. This type of makeup will also be much healthier for your skin, it will not burden it, will give respite and improve its condition. It will make the skin look more radiant, fresh and glowing.


Apart from lightness, the distinguishing feature of summer makeup is thriftiness. If you apply less cosmetics, you will avoid shiny skin, fast sweating and, very importantly, clogged pores. This has an extremely negative effect on your complexion and can lead to the formation of imperfections in the form of acne. Try to replace the products you use with lighter ones. Applying the greasy ones and coming into contact with sweat leads to the multiplication of bacteria. Carefully applied yet gentle makeup will also last much longer.

Summer makeup in a few easy steps

The first step to summer makeup is taking care of your skin. It should be thoroughly cleansed and smoothed. Regular use of scrubs, toners and face gels or foams will help. It is also very important to moisturize your skin before applying makeup

BB and CC creams are definitely the products worth paying attention to in the summer season. They have mattifying properties and at the same time moisturize and provide sun protection in the form of SPF filter.

The last step in preparing the face for makeup is to apply a special base, which will make the whole thing more durable.

When the face is ready, you can move on to the foundation. In summer, a foundation with a lightweight formula and illuminating properties will be the best. It should also have a sunscreen. Additionally, spot imperfections and dark circles under the eyes can be covered with a concealer. If necessary, use a concealer with more coverage, but be careful not to make it too heavy.

To fix your make-up, use loose powder, which will mattify your skin and make it shine-free.

An indispensable element of any makeup is highlighting the eyes. It is better not to use a lot of makeup to avoid smudges caused by the heat. Make sure you use a mascara first and foremost. A waterproof version is ideal. And don’t forget to accentuate your eyebrows.

To make your make-up look more expressive, use a bronzer to add a nice touch of color and to contour your face.

The makeup is completed, of course, by lips. In the summer season, bet on a natural color lipstick matched to the lips or a trendy colorless gloss.

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